Why long runs?

A couple friends are training for their first marathon and half marathon. Many ask why long runs are important. The answers are the following:

  • Build up your endurance to run 26.2 miles.
  • It allows the body to build strength for the time on your legs.
  • Build your mental game for the race.
  • Practice your nutrients for the day of the race:
  • Water or Powerade for hydration.
  • Consuming Gu/Power Gels or Cliff Bloks to get nutrients throughout the run/race.
  • Pre-race/run meals: dinner and breakfast.

The one everyone skips or does not pay attention is the Pre-race meals. This includes breakfast which very important, the key to your success in your training and on race day. Saturday, one runner discovered a banana does not sustain you for 21 miles of running. The rule in sports nutrition when eating carbs, you must have protein. My breakfast of champions is Gluten Free bagel with almond butter keeps my body happy during my long workouts.

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