Staying Hydrated

Living in the northeast and 6 miles from the ocean, it would be a great training place during the summer. Not really, we are in our 3rd heat wave of over 90 degrees. As an athlete the toughest part is to stay hydrated. I have been working on my hydration throughout the day and especially during my workouts. When I stay on top of it, I have more energy. During my runs, I drink 1 Fuel Belt bottle every 30 minutes. During the bike, 2 ounces per mile or 1 water bottle 45- 60 minutes. Also, water when not exercising but Powerade water down a little .  It is working.  If you are not hydrated, your performance decreases by 10%. Tonight I will put it to test doing Yankee Homecoming 10 mile race. But the forecast looks great dry in 70s which is unusual.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more that hydration is such a key. I’ve struggled with this at times and find the difference between a 70 degree day and 90 degree day huge for staying hydrated. I really like Nuun and Elixir instead of gatorade/powerade as they tend to not agree with my stomach during a workout.

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