What’s Up for 2014?

It is that time again to start thinking about next year’s goals and races. Last November 1st, I talked about planning 2013 and creating your own training plan. Pick races that are space apart that allows full recovery. I know many runners race every weekend but they keep getting injured. Prioritize each race. Have only a couple A races for the year to peak. B and C races focus on a workout for that week in your training plan. For 2014, I pick a couple new (trail and triathlon) races to challenge me. Pick something new. What are the goals and focus for your workouts and key races. Everybody picks a particular race to do and be injury free. But go further what you want accomplish in your training. The following I want to add to my training for 2014: strength/core training consistently; yoga/stretching consistently; continue meditation but add visualization; swim mile in 36 minute or less; work on cadence and improve bike skills; continue working on improving swim form and efficiency; run effortless. These will keep me busy in my training for next year. What are your races and goals?

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