How to approach training to be successful

Last week, I recieved Mark Allen’s newsletter and Loren Fogleman LinkedIn email which they discuss on a successful approach to training and racing.

You can read Loren’s “5 Habits of World Class Athletes” at: Loren’s 5 Habits: 1. Feedback; 2. Repetition; 3. Approach; 4. Motivation; 5. Effort.

You can read Mark’s “How to Gain Ironman Endurance” at: Mark’s 6 lessons that helped him and to be successful: 1. Empty your mind; 2. Replace fear with joy; 3. Slow down to get faster; 4. See power in repetition; 5. Strive to be steady; 6. Shake hands with Impossible.

Using their approach to your training you will see results as I did this year. Participating in endurance events is 50% physical and 50% is psychological. Both Loren and Mark discuss this in their articles but you need to practice both in your training.

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