I did it! I did it!

BrendaCelebrateHerMileDenise celebrating her 1st mile swim.
Swimming a mile in a lake may seem minor but for first time triathletes it is big. Denise’s first open water swim was scary but her persistence and hard work paid off. once she did the half mile, she wanted to swim a mile with everyone to the pole and back. The funny part of the swim is when she got to the pole, half way point. She did a dance on the little island saying, “I did it! I did it”. It was like she conquered Mount Everest. A course the funny part was the kids swimming around on the other side of the lake asked her why she jumping. Denise competes her first triathlon on July 12th. She knows she is wants to do another after that one.

Last week, I swam, bike and run 100.5 miles. I am happy this is pull back week of Build 2 because I am tired. Healthy and not injured. The focus is now on dealing with the heat, enough nutrition and hydration.



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