Do I , Do I not?

That is a question many athletes ask when you get injured. Last week, I had hard fast run but decided to do some running drills which put my left Sacroiliac joint and hip out. Took a couple of days off, iced, stretched then try to run on Sunday. Well that run turned into a lot of pain within first.25 mile.

I have 1/2 marathon in 10 days which now the question is do I or don’t do the race.  This year, I have been plagued with tight left gluteus medius all year. I know I can do the bike on trainer and swim without any problems which is great. It is the off-season for triathletes. Now it is to think about long-term. Our ultimate goal is to be healthier and faster. With that goal in mind I am not doing the half marathon but focus getting better and stronger.

Thanks Shalane Flanagan for opening my eyes to see the future. Girls Run the World!

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