What another hill?

Yesterday’s run was tough but the 4th mile I finally had good kick and speed. A course the last mile is all up hill. Living on one the famous hills in our home town makes it challenging.  Hills is my friend, which I keep telling myself. I have bumper sticker that says, “Driver of this car Ran Up Mount Washington”. Someone asked if I was being chased which is no. What goes up, goes down. So many runners and cyclists avoid them or just hate them. They give you endurance and strength. If you relax, keep head down looking ahead and be positive you will get up faster. I know I need to work on my hill running to get faster. But the down hills are sweet which you work on your cadence and speed. Don’t avoid hills but see it a challenge that you are ready to conquer. #iracelikeagirl @iracelikeagirl

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