What I Learn From Peaking…

As I start peaking for the Earth Rock Half marathon this Sunday, I started to reflect the last 4 months of training which have been tough at times. I started the year with an injury that wouldn’t go away. I gave in to see a physical therapist which has helped big time. I work in the health industry but it always good to get expert opinion. Next, I needed to increase mileage slowly which I keep playing the math in my head. Second was to stretch after each workout and myoflascial release a couple of times a week which I was good with stretching but not the myoflascial release. Third is to have a plan and stick with it but that became tough at times because of work. I had to work everyday, many long hours and be on call. I think my biggest flaw to my training was the rest. To get workouts in, I would train when I was exhausted.

At end of February, I woke up realizing why I am working such crazy long hours to become a walking zombie and constantly being sick, just not enjoying life and my training. I am not getting younger even though I train with everyone 15+ years younger than me. But I should think about my eventual retirement and enjoy life. I emailed my boss that day to change my schedule from 7 days a week to 4 days a week. After 3 weeks, it does feel strange but I am slowly catching up with my rest, sleep and life.

Now backing to peaking for an endurance event, you should feel rested which the end result creates speed. Last week was a 5 day training week, this week is 4 day training week. Yesterday’s long run proved to be fruitful from the taper with negative splits and 5 minutes faster from 4 weeks ago. Every mile was faster than previous mile. But what I really took away from my peak period, my easy week period should be 5 days of training. As all athletes, I had always had the mindset to push through the heavy training. At times that is good but rest reduces overtraining to keep you healthy and reduces injury.

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