What (Body) Image Do You Want?

Last night in the running class, the girls talked about their own images. It started with one talking to her doctor about the struggles losing weight. Doctor said she will never be a skinny runner but will be healthy from all her cardio of running. I see it everyday in my job many of us struggle with our body image. This includes men too, not just women. Is it healthy to compare our body image with another person? It is not! I believe we are all individuals but we all have a common goal to live life to the fullest and be healthy. My question is why we are never happy our lives or own image? That one you will have to look deep into yourself but ask what is your long-term goal of a long life. My ultimate goal is to live long healthy life and continue running races and do triathlons my body allows. To get there is being positive about my own image, laughing at myself and not compare myself. All my cycling, running and triathletes friends that are younger than me, which keeps me thinking I am 50 not 66. Sometimes it can be hard not to compare my body image or my speed to my 40s and 50s. Everyday, I do strive to get there but work with knowledge I have today to be stronger tomorrow. #iracelikeagirl @iracelikeagirl

Published by Pam Houck

Work in the health industry as personal trainer, running and multi-sport coach. As an athlete with celiac disease and asthma, I don't let it limit me to compete in road races and triathlons.

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