Why I am Not Getting Faster?

I am asked this questions so many times, “Why I am Not Getting Faster?”. Again I was asked this question on Saturday by triathlete. Then she talks about how heart rate stays high through each workout and that she pushes hard but never keeps getting slower. She has hit plateau and the training workouts never changed intensity. To break this cycle, the workouts need to have different intensities base by heart rate and Rate of Perceived Exertion. Only have 1 or 2 workouts a week should be high intensity and all other workouts should be easy like a walk in the park. Also, use the talk test, if you cannot talk then you are going too hard. Be patient, it takes time to break the cycle. #iracelikeagirl @iracelikeagirl

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Published by Pam Houck

Work in the health industry as personal trainer, running and multi-sport coach. As an athlete with celiac disease and asthma, I don't let it limit me to compete in road races and triathlons.

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