Coach Pam started competing in running and triathlon races over 30 years ago. She has successfully completed 6 marathons, over 30 half marathons, completed Mount Washington Road Race 7 times and completed over 20 multi-sport races including 2 Half Ironmans.

Pam believes in training the total person. At any age, a person can start training to do triathlons, run road races, or bike centuries. If the athlete’s mind and body are connected then they will reach their goal. Pam’s certifications of RRCA Coach, USAT Coach and personal training with experience will make you reach your race goals.

What People Say

“I have worked with Pam for several years. She first started coaching me for open water swim ( I learned to swim as an adult in my mid 30s I had a fear of the open water) . Needless to say I have done many triathlons all distances up to a half Iron Man. I recently worked with Coach Pam for marathon training, where I set a PR of 8 minutes. As a working adult I find it hard and challenging to commit to running plans. Pam works and listens to you on what is happening with life things on a weekly basis. I was able to attach to an app which made it more enjoyable and we could regulate the workouts. I continue to work with Pam and have met many great people with her network.” — Brenda Houde

“I started working with Pam shortly after I began running, as I have a torn meniscus in both my knees. She’s knowledgeable, passionate, and kept me accountable through my training goals. Pam’s  guidance and focus on cross-training and core-strength kept me strong and injury free because the wealth of experience she has in her own racing career makes her invaluable.  One year after I set out on my first run, I completed my first marathon; and I can’t wait to do another!” — Morgan McNeil

Triathlon training with Pam has given me new appreciation and love of multi sports. Swim clinics greatly improved my form, increased my power, and gave me confidence in the open water. My cycling has gone from recreational to competitive. And I’m happy to say that my running, while always the weakest sport, has become enjoyable through Pam’s teachings and encouragement. – Sarah Flynn

Let’s work together to have you ready for the starting line and go beyond your goals.

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