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We are almost done with our 3rd week of isolation. Hope you are doing good and doing the isolation to slow this virus. Hope you are exercising for your mentality, physically and emotionally well being. Today, I added 2 more exercise videos: https://gearupforfitness.com/videos/. Created these videos to keep you active. Also, hope you can go for a walk, run or able open the windows. Being with nature calms your soul. Be safe


Looking at Bright Side

This picture shows the bright side clearly! Everything is clear and the lake water looks blue. Why because the earth is able to breath again without the pollutants. When I run or bike outside, I just want to enjoy the nature around me. I think the pandemic is making everyone slow down to enjoy it. Yes races are being cancelled or postponed but that shouldn’t make you stop biking or running. Many of us don’t have jobs now. We don’t know what our future will look like in a couple months. But it makes you realize what is really important for you, your family, your friends, and community. We are all in this together and we come better and stronger.


Survive The Week

I am in Base period but I survive the first week Half Ironman training. Yesterday’s long run, I was tired from the 2 hour bike on Saturday. Running with a friend help push me through the end. This week will be a little challenging because of New England’s winter weather. I don’t like running on the treadmill or run circles on the track which I feel like a hamster in the wheel. Mentally I am ready for this week’s training and weather which I will put on a smile.


That Nagging Pain in the Butt/Hip Part 2

This post is about how to alleviate the pain. ¬†First, don’t sit for hours, get up every 15-20 minutes. Second is to stretch. You want to stretch the calves, hamstring, quad and hip flexors, it-band, piriformis, gluteus medius, lat muscles in the back. Sounds like the whole body but every muscle is connected and affected. When one is tight then all tighten up or are affected. Third is to foam roll. When foam rolling do one side from calf muscle through the Lat muscle in 2 inch increments. Don’t roll over the joints (knees and hips) which can create injury. If the IT-Band is super tight then foam roll 2 times a day from calf muscle through the Lat muscle. Foam rolling only IT-Band will not resolve the issue because the tightness cam be coming from another muscle group. Fourth, runners and triathletes make sure you are engaging your core and be in neutral pelvic tilt. Fifth, if you sleep on your side, sleep with pillow between knees to feet.This keeps your hips and back inline.

Next few weeks, Coach Pam will be posting pictures/videos of the stretches and foam rolling.

Next month Part 3, we will discuss exercises to strengthen the core and body to work in all planes. To get ahead of the game plan, participate in Run Your Potential program, which Coach Pam is using all this each class.

Smell the Fresh Air

It is spring according to calendar even though we are doing social isolation for Covid-19. By the end of yesterday lock away in my condo I felt a little down. I was missing that socialization which my job thrives on. Today was blue skies and my training plan had easy run which I needed. Saw other people out for a walk and we all keep our social distance of 6+ feet. Birds were singing beautiful music and saying spring is here. Every body was waving even though we had some snow on the ground. I felt more productive for the rest of the day. Go out and smell the flowers and fresh air. Do it with your kids. You will be smiling.

Do You Have 5 Minutes, Then You Can Meditate

This coronavirus is making everyone stressed. I have talk many times in my blog about meditation. It only takes 5 minutes. My favorite 2 mantras are: “Patient with the Process” by Angela Naeth and “Love, Peace, Harmony, Laughter” by Deepak Chopra. Steps to do a meditation: Sit comfortable with palms up; Close eyes; Take 3 long deep breaths (breath in through your nose on the count of 5, hold for count of 5, exhale through your mouth on the count of 5): Start repeating the mantra for at least 3 minutes. I have had clients do this in the bathroom because it is the quietness place from their kids. You can play yoga music if you want. The more you do it. your mind will get quieter. This will make your day easier and you will sleep better. Be safe and be healthy

Don't Stop Exercising

Our country and the world are experience pandemic. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, we all need to minimize our contact with other people but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. With a few pieces of equipment you can do a core and strength workout. Great for runners, triathlete or anyone that wants to keep up their strength exercises while gyms are close. The videos on Videos page demonstrate these exercises. I will be adding exercises every couple a days and refine the videos. Go to this page for the videos: https://gearupforfitness.com/videos/

Stay strong and we all will beat the cornavirus!

Let’s Workout

I know many of you are freaking out because your local gym is closed temporarily. This to keep us safe from the coronavirus and to stop the spread. Being stuck inside doesn’t have to stop you from doing your workouts or training. I have clients that workout at home or I train them at their house. All you need is couple items that you can order online or get it sporting goods store. They can easily can be stored in a closet including small condos/apartments.

The picture above is a few pieces of equipment: First get a cushion yoga mat (core, planks, push ups, superman and more). On mat starting at the top: Rubber bands with handles (great to practice freestyle swim stroke, work arm and back); Middle is medicine ball (6-10 lbs): abs, squats, lunges, core, push ups; Bottom is Therma Bands: legs, shoulders, arms. Just let your imagination go for it.

So How Is It Going?

An important question a coach should ask their athletes. Feedback is essential when you are training athletes for endurance events. An example: today I had a long run of 9-10 miles which I felt great even after a long bike yesterday. If you asked me that question a week ago, i would said I was very tired and struggle to finish it. I know part of it is that this week is low training but also my body is getting use to long bike one day then next day long run. Feedback helps the coach to fine tune the training load to not put the athlete into over training leading to injury but push to them to succeed in their goals. As athlete being honest to your coach makes you successful at your races.

Training Competition

On Strava and other social media, some athletes are trying to compete with others athletes. If you are one of them stop it. Don’t compare your training to another athlete. They can be training for different race and/or distance. Just focus on your training. What your coach has in the plan that is your training that focuses on your goals, your current physiology and your main race. You will shine on the social media on race day with a picture of you holding your medal!

That Dam Brick

Remember how I talked about how to get into our comfort zone, we have to get uncomfortable. For many triathletes is doing bricks workouts, bike then run. Today, I put in my plan the brick. Instead dreading the workout, I broke it down into parts. Part 1 is biking in heart rate zone 2. As I got ready for Part 2 run in zone 1, I thought where I will run. As I started the run I look at the sights and sounds. Just being present in the moment made the brick doable and finish with a big smile.

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