Crunch Time

This week has been tough to incorporate my workouts. When your schedule is so busy with work and family, don’t skip your workouts but make most of the time. Go for quality not quantity and prioritize.

If you are a swimmer with only 30-45 minutes: warm up for 300 yards; drills 300 yards (picking 2 key drills to work on your form, follow by 25 swim); main set – pyramid of endurance and speed 50/100/150/200/150/100/50 yards; cool down 100 yards. Total yardage is 1500 yards.

If you are a runner with 30 minutes: warm up for 1 mile; do 4-6 hill repeats (surging the hill and fast down the hill to create leg speed); cool down for 1 mile. The hill should be .25-3 mile long. Surging hills create strength and endurance. Let body fly down the hill create leg speed and turnover.

Strength workout: pushups, squats, row or lat pulldown, ab crunch. First set 12 reps, then each sequential set remove 1 rep until the last set is 1 rep.

Remember when you workout, you feel better, resolve problems and your family will love you more.

Tough Run

Yesterday’s run was tough but 2 friends got me through it. I knew I needed to do a long hilly run as I am training for a hilly half marathon in a couple weeks. I knew I was tired from the start but sometimes I will feel better during the run. The weather was cold for the first 2 miles but the sun was shining. First 7.5 miles of hills I was doing well. Mile 8, I really started feeling very tired. Mike and Sharon stayed with me to push me through it to the end. Runners have a way to silently just support each other. Camaraderie is strong part in many sports but runners and triathletes have a way to do it silently.

Everyone has a good and bad day for their workouts. Working out with a friend or partner will get you through those tough days feeling like roses when you finished. Throwing in the towel when the workout is starting not well or before you start, then think of those good workouts you had the previous times. Absorb the karma from others and not giving up will put you on top of your game during those days or competitions.


Inspiration comes in many facets and sources. I have been inspired by clients, class participants, and friends. Using these sources, my life and training have been enriched to push me further than I ever thought I could go. I never thought I would do triathlons, bike centuries, run 5Ks to marathon and run up Mount Washington when I started exercising. A friend name Bob planted the first seed to start running to stay in shape during bike off season. My first 5K was Yankee Homecoming in Newburyport which has become traditional race for me but now do the 10 miler.

As you train more, you get injured that you need to overcome it to fight your way back. When it is tough, you can get inspire by people with their own challenges and disabilities. You learn from them how to overcome your own issues then think yours are nothing compare to them. Age creates another obstacle, getting slower, but you see cyclists, runners and triathletes redefine it that can blow you away.

The one inspiration you can get is from yourself, do what you love. It will give you a path to long life with a smile on it. It might be a bumpy road but seek the seed that will help you continue on the correct road. Keep an open mind and never say you cannot do it. You might be surprise where it will lead you.

I hope this blog will inspire or answer questions to swim, bike, run and/or living a gluten free life. I will cover many topics that will help get you over the bumpy road or make training easier. My clients, runners, swimmers and triathletes have asked questions that many of you have asked which prompt me to do this blog. If you have a good idea for a subject let me know.

Welcome to Gear Up For Fitness

As a coach and personal trainer, I believe it is never to start training to get in shape, run 5k to a marathon, do your first triathlon to Ironman. There is always an obstacle but believing in yourself you can find ways to overcome them. Life is to short, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

I hope this blog will help you achieve your goals in health and fitness on:

  • Getting fit
  • Loosing weight
  • Running and triathlon training,
  • Gluten Free diet
  • Coach Pam’s upcoming clinics.
  • Funny stories from clients, which say funniest things, especially with exercise descriptions.

Have any questions, just ask.


Coach Pam

“If you want to achieve a high goal, you’re going to have to take some chances.” ALBERTO SALAZAR

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