A New Start

Every month our team leader of I Race Like A Girl, Angela Naeth comes up with monthly team challenges. This month, April, is “What I did well today, what can I improve?”. It is not our usual physical challenge but mental and food for thought. This food for thought made me think how I can apply to my own blog with my own training. Daily I will talk about my training, my goal races, my challenges and apply that question. My goal is try to post everyday.

Today is an active rest day because I am on taper/peak phase of my A race which is the Earth Rock Half Marathon. Active rest can be a short walk, yoga but for me is teaching a class in hot therapy pool. What I need to work on today and everyday is stretching and myofascial release. Stretching and myofascial release is key for your recovery and hard workouts. #iracelikeagirl @iracelikeagirl

Tough Week but End on High Note

My week started on the downside with breakup with boyfriend but ended on high note. We all go through roller coasters in our lives but it has we handle it and what we do. My girlfriends and I Race Like A Girl team were there to help me pick up the pieces of splitsville.  Every time we have our I Race Like A Girl team monthly challenge it makes me focus on my training to be ready with the races and not on the bad. March was our run challenge which was perfect to get me ready for the Earth Rock Half marathon end of April. Coming back from 3 months off from running with injury then ran 2 races with major improvements in March. Joining the  I Race Like A Girl team has been a blessing to keep you on track physically and mentally.

Now the high note of the week: My brother Tom and I have adoptive surrogate bother from China, which we lost contact years ago. We thought David moved to Florida but he is still living in NYC. With all the bad press for Facebook, something happen good with David sending me a Friend Request on Thursday.  Since then we have been communicating and exchange numbers. Tom and I are ecstatic.

#iracelikeagirl @iracelikagirl

Benefit For Women Being Physically Fit

Today, in my email this was posted “Physically fit women are 90% less likely to develop dementia, study claims”.  We all know being physically fit .has many benefits but this study adds another benefit. What the study determined being physically fit is that cardio of 120 watts. Even wattage of 90 delayed.  I saw my mother have dementia which I will continue training for triathlons and road races to reduce or delay this. To all my girlfriends don’t stop your training and dream big!

8th Annual Indoor Triathlon for Hurricane Relief

Yesterday was the 8th Annual Indoor Triathlon for Hurricane Relief Race #1.

It was a success with 6 waves of 45 triathletes completing the event

Thank you to the volunteers and triathletes making the race a success.

Results are posted at: 
Overall results: Jan20-2018OverallResults
Age group results: Jan20-2018AgeGroupResults

Here some pictures:


You can still register for February 10 and March 3 races at: 2018indoortrisbrochure.pdf

8th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series for Hurricane Relief

It is time to think about your goals for 2018 races. If it include triathlons, the 8th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series for Hurricane Relief are perfect to test your endurance or check out what triathlons are. Save the dates: January 20th, February 10th and March 3rd. Sign up early to get your t-shirt. More information and registration form go to:  https://gearupforfitness.com/2018-indoor-triathlons/

See you at the races!

Thankful for the Holidays and Reflection

Let the holidays be a positive time for you. Reflect back on your races but how people touch you during your race season. This year, I trained with a great group of women that made training fun. Their inspiration push you everyday and get you out of bed early to train. Also, I meet Angela Naeth a Pro Triathlete extraordinaire through my friend Colleen. She created a team, I race Like A Girl that she puts herself out there and supports every woman on the team personally. We our Girls Run The World have started talking about our goals and races we will do together for next year. Who will inspire you to reach your goals for 2018!


My Thanks for Thanksgiving

Today what is happening in the world of bad, sometimes we forget those close to us that is good. This is my thanks to special group of women, Girls Who Run the World.

I am thankful for their support and being there:

When you break up from your boyfriend

When you are injured you cannot run

When a family member passes away

Texting while watching Ironman World Championship and marathons

To get you out of bed for early morning swim, bike and run

For listening and being a psycho-therapist during our runs

Being funny in those moments you will never forget

Being there when you race is good or bad

Make you do a race when the weather is good or bad

Never leaving one behind or alone during the workout

Just for being themselves

These ladies are special which our community and friendship that will endure through out our lives.

#iracelikeagirl #girlswhoruntheworld

Healing and Recharging

My injury may have stop my running but it has recharge me. Why I am saying recharge? Mentally, I was drained to run another step and train for another long distance race. This is my time of the year where I like to slow down my sports (swim/bike/run) to enjoy everything around me for the holidays. This year is the year that I love my new Parlee bike. But I was getting bored with Endurance Films bike workouts. Trying new apps has been fun and figure my Christmas present to myself. Swimming, I got a new toy to work on my Y scoop and pull. Time for some massages and strengthen my core and body to heal and improve sports.

I know the time I spent to heal and recharge me mentally and body, 2018 will be a great year for me racing. Maybe a PR? #iracelikeagirl

Girl Power!

Today was our girl group weekend run. I knew Kim, Colleen, Jackie, Diana and Priscilla were planning to run 8-10 miles. I was going to run the Ghost Trail to test my hip/glute medius for 3-6 miles. The last couple of days, I have had no discomfort or pain, felt perfect.  The girls didn’t want me to run alone, so ran with me to make sure I was okay.  It was cold this morning which the gluteus medius don’t like. Yup the pain came back with in half mile. We all turn around to get me back to my car. Maybe is the mother instinct in theses girls but it was the girl power to keep my spirits up and push me to do the bike on trainer. I thank them all for their power. Girls Run The World! #IRACELIKEAGIRL

Do I , Do I not?

That is a question many athletes ask when you get injured. Last week, I had hard fast run but decided to do some running drills which put my left Sacroiliac joint and hip out. Took a couple of days off, iced, stretched then try to run on Sunday. Well that run turned into a lot of pain within first.25 mile.

I have 1/2 marathon in 10 days which now the question is do I or don’t do the race.  This year, I have been plagued with tight left gluteus medius all year. I know I can do the bike on trainer and swim without any problems which is great. It is the off-season for triathletes. Now it is to think about long-term. Our ultimate goal is to be healthier and faster. With that goal in mind I am not doing the half marathon but focus getting better and stronger.

Thanks Shalane Flanagan for opening my eyes to see the future. Girls Run the World!

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