Be Patient With the Process

Angela Naeth reminds our team, I Race Like A Girl, many times with training and injuries. Saturday I was to do the Patriot Half Ironman but had to defer to next year. An running injury has sideline me for 6 weeks. Yesterday, I was so excited to run a solid 3.2 miles without any issues. After, I realized my injury was caused by muscular imbalance on both sides. Many runners get this from compensating from the real issue on the other side. Yesterday, I focused on being balanced, high kick back and pelvic tilt anterior. The last 1.2 miles I was able to pick up speed. When go long we get lazy with our body’s mechanics and posture. Next time focus on this which you will be surprise on the outcome😎

Figuring It Out

Finish my first base but got sick on the easy week, which I lost swim time. Time to rethink my Half Ironman training plan. Many call for 3 hard/build weeks and 1 easy week but that doesn’t work for age groupers of 50+. Back to 2 hard/build weeks then 1 easy week. Also, I need to run more that 2 days a week and need to introduce doubles/bricks. In triathlon world, doubles are swim then run; bricks are bike then run. Learning how your body responds to training in the beginning produces better results in build/peak phases and races.

So Far It Is All Good

As I finish the 4th week of my Base phase of Half Ironman training, I am feeling good. I had to do some minor tweaks to stay healthy and injury free. Since, I live in New England the weather has started to become uncooperative. Continue working on my power and increase endurance on the bike. The biggest challenge is staying focus and entertain. One way, I have been listening to podcast and audible book (Beautiful Work in Progress) for bike on trainer. Creating playlist to run indoors which the beat helps the cadence of 180. My favorite is shuffling the Pointer Sisters for Fartleks. Take advantage of what technology has to make your training easier for these cold snowy winter days.

Survive The Week

I am in Base period but I survive the first week Half Ironman training. Yesterday’s long run, I was tired from the 2 hour bike on Saturday. Running with a friend help push me through the end. This week will be a little challenging because of New England’s winter weather. I don’t like running on the treadmill or run circles on the track which I feel like a hamster in the wheel. Mentally I am ready for this week’s training and weather which I will put on a smile.

Start On Right Foot

Yesterday, I started my training for Patriot Half Ironman (70.3 miles). Yes we do the race in 1 day. Many people say I am crazy but this is my norm. Well the norm for many triathletes.

Yesterday’s swim hurt but was limit on time so I did 1300 yards. Today’s plan had 50 min run but it is New Year. That means I need to run a race, Hangover classic 5k, which was very  windy. Warm-Up and drop-down gives me 5 miles total which plan had 50 minutes. When you have plan, it make’s you focus on the process and not make any excusses. It does take time to create the plan but that is what is coaches do for you. When you have big goal race get a coach! I am fine tuning my plan but when it is done I will be ready for Patriot!

That Nagging Pain in the Butt/Hip Part 2

This post is about how to alleviate the pain.  First, don’t sit for hours, get up every 15-20 minutes. Second is to stretch. You want to stretch the calves, hamstring, quad and hip flexors, it-band, piriformis, gluteus medius, lat muscles in the back. Sounds like the whole body but every muscle is connected and affected. When one is tight then all tighten up or are affected. Third is to foam roll. When foam rolling do one side from calf muscle through the Lat muscle in 2 inch increments. Don’t roll over the joints (knees and hips) which can create injury. If the IT-Band is super tight then foam roll 2 times a day from calf muscle through the Lat muscle. Foam rolling only IT-Band will not resolve the issue because the tightness cam be coming from another muscle group. Fourth, runners and triathletes make sure you are engaging your core and be in neutral pelvic tilt. Fifth, if you sleep on your side, sleep with pillow between knees to feet.This keeps your hips and back inline.

Next few weeks, Coach Pam will be posting pictures/videos of the stretches and foam rolling.

Next month Part 3, we will discuss exercises to strengthen the core and body to work in all planes. To get ahead of the game plan, participate in Run Your Potential program, which Coach Pam is using all this each class.

That Nagging Pain in the Butt/Hip

That pain is actually is the Gluteus Medius and piriformis. Now the question, do you sit with the laptop in your lap? Do you sit for long period of time? I am seeing this with many of my clients and runners/triathlons of all ages. First, the heat of laptop tightens your hip muscles. Second, your posture is bad when you drop your head down to read book or laptop or tablet. This strains your neck, shoulders then goes down the back to your hips. Third, when you running do you lean from your back and not engaging your core.  This true in long runs. Today, we are seeing more and more bad posture. Many sit for hours in one position which restricts blood flow and tightens the muscles. You need to take breaks every 20 minutes. Fourth for runners and triathletes, most of your training is in one plane, frontal. You need to move in all directions (back, sides) and engage your core, not just forward.

Chad, physical therapist at ProForm has seen many patients come in with these issues. From his input I will discuss what you can do help alleviate some of pain in next post but it is always good to see a physical therapist.

Triathletes in Candy Store

Today, I planned to do a triathlon but the down pouring rain with more to come made me 😞. My head has been spinning between training for triathlons and a call call half marathon. As runner/triathete, we see all the races online and want to do them all but that can have bad consequences. From injuries to not be able to peak for the key races. There is only so many hours of training our (my old) body can take. What is funny I tell this all the time to my athetes. Next year, I plan to reduce the number of races and focus on my training.

Why I am Not Getting Faster?

I am asked this questions so many times, “Why I am Not Getting Faster?”. Again I was asked this question on Saturday by triathlete. Then she talks about how heart rate stays high through each workout and that she pushes hard but never keeps getting slower. She has hit plateau and the training workouts never changed intensity. To break this cycle, the workouts need to have different intensities base by heart rate and Rate of Perceived Exertion. Only have 1 or 2 workouts a week should be high intensity and all other workouts should be easy like a walk in the park. Also, use the talk test, if you cannot talk then you are going too hard. Be patient, it takes time to break the cycle. #iracelikeagirl @iracelikeagirl

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Busy Time But Always Time For…

This time of the year triathletes and runners get very busy training and racing. But we need to make time for ourselves and family. On Facebook, I see some that do but others keep pushing their bodies and mental on their training. We all need time to refresh ourselves to prevent over-training or burnout before the season ends. I am planning a yoga retreat in the Bahamas in November, do some kayaking, gardening and spend time with friends other than swim, bike and run. Enjoy the summer weather even though it has been hot. #iracelikeagirl

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