I Can See the Finish Line

Slowly getting to the end of the Run MA Challenge (645 miles). Started the challenge July 1st, since then ran a couple virtual 5Ks, 10Ks, and 2 Half marathons. Completed 9 badges of the challenge with 1 more to go. Each badge helps the runner/walker keep the distance manageable. This is not the year I originally planned for racing but 2020 has been different everybody. I am lucky not to have not suffered as many are during the pandemic which is why I raised money for the Pettengill House. Pettengill House helps families and kids in the local communities with food, paying rent and other service. I can see the finish line with this challenge but also the vaccinations know there will be an end to the pandemic. To get there, we all need to be “Patient with the Process”. This is Angela Naeth’s mantra for endurance racing but also we need to remember it for the Covid pandemic. Stay safe and healthy!

Covid Stomach

Everyone is telling me I have COVID stomach! Most of us are working from home with kids doing remote learning. Many states are doing more lock downs now. And the holidays are here! Being home more, food is near you all the time. Some are working from the dining room table or kitchen counter, which they see all those snacks are staring at them all day. You get that picture! Now some are working in the basement or in a home office which the snacks are not staring at them. Out of sight, out of mind! Now you see this picture. Which picture is yours?

Simple tips to reduce COVID Stomach: 1. Put a timer on your cell phone or schedule break when you are finish with meetings. 2. Take breaks by walking around the house or go outside for 5-15 min. When you come back in, you will forget about the food and feel refresh. You will work more productively. 3. Put healthy snacks on the counter, like fruit then unhealthy snacks. 4. Don’t skip eating meals which is just as bad as eating too much. 5. One simple ab exercise that you can do sitting, push your abs to your back and hold those Transverse Abdominals for 20 seconds to a minute. Do 3 sets a day. This will help your back and abs feel better. Stay healthy and safe!


Yup, completed Manchester City Virtual Half Marathon on 11/7. Living in New England, the weather can be extreme. When I did this half 10 years ago on same day was 35 degrees and this year was 68-70 degrees. Interestingly, both are hilly. And I like hills! What goes up, you can fly down. Every body responds differently with pure run training. Eve felt great, me I felt tired all the time like overtraining. Last week, back on the bike 2 days and my legs want to spin faster when I run. That bring up the topic of cadence. As I am doing my Zwift bike ride, I focus on my power, heart rate and cadence. If your have too much power which your cadence starts dropping below 80. Optimal cadence on the bike is 90-100 which is really each leg doing those revolutions. Now running, when you talk about cadence is both legs doing 180-190. Now, you can see how bike and run work together on this. When you run or bike at those higher cadence numbers, your speed increases. To get to those numbers, slowly build up using a metronome or practice running down hill. Be safe to be healthy!

Hitting The Wall

You have heard “Hitting the Wall” in endurance events, like a marathon. Well I hit mine today during my run. Doing the Run MA Challenge is endurance event itself by maintaining 30-32 miles a week of running and walking. When I added training for a couple of half marathons that starts to tax the body more. My resting heart rate has slowly creeped up which is a big sign your body is going into over-reach to overtraining. Now I am starting to feeling exhausted is the big sign that it is time to step back. Tomorrow, I will do strength workout but no cardio. Thursday, I need to see how I feel in the morning which can be no run or a short one. Hoping by Saturday, I will feel better to do a long run of 10 miles. Next weekend, I am hoping I feel recovered and run a faster half marathon than in September.

It is best to listen to your body and know what the warning signs of over-reach/overtraining for you. Especially now during a pandemic! because you can become very sick. Yes running and working out is good for you but over doing it can become the bad for you. Be safe and healthy!

Half Way There

New England is fill with fall colors which is the perfect time to hike or walk trails. I am lucky to live with my windows faces Lake Gardner and Powow Hill and across the street from my back door is Woodsom Farm trails. On Sunday, my walk cross the half way of the Run MA Challenge. Many times I wanted to quit because I never would see the end. So I change my focus to each badges distance, a mile stone of the 645 miles. Yesterday, I pass the half way point. That is 326 miles of running and walking since July 1st. This week, I will hit another milestone by completing Run Connecticut Border badge. By reducing mileage to manageable distances, helps you focus on that distance and reduces stress. This also applies to running endurance events from half marathons to ultras and half Ironman to Ironman. Play it safe, you will be surprise what you can accomplish. Be safe and healthy.

Spot On

Half Marathon finish and on Garrison Trail

As many races have become virtual because of the COVID. A couple weeks ago, I planned today to do the Jamestown Half Marathon. I text my girlfriends my plan to run today the rail trails. Diane and Eve joined in on the fun and with great conversations. Even though I have been doing the Run MA Challenge my running has been minimal until 6-8 weeks ago. A couple 8 milers and a 10.3 miles for long which is not the best training but decide I would give it a go. We ran slow with some walks to get in our nutrition. I made sure every mile I did a GU Block and drank. Also, ate my usual breakfast gluten free toast with almond butter and honey. I had energy to speed up at the last 2 miles and still had energy after the run because my nutrition was spot on. Now I want to do another half with some training and faster. When you walk away from a good experience, you want to do more and use lessons learned. One factor that did help was the fog and being cool. I want to thank Diane and Eve to run the whole thing with me and make it fun, not stressful. Racing should be fun, not stressful! Stay safe and healthy!

Thank You Girlfriends

The picture is from our 10K run that we ran through Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Eve needed to do her virtual 10K race this week but wanted to do scenic route and hilly.

Today, I was planning to do my virtual Jamestown Half Marathon. Last night, I had a bad celiac attack but slept good. I still wanted to run long but knew my body couldn’t run the half. I am happy to run 10.3 miles with the best friends which I am ok for the distance. I know next weekend, I will be able to do it with more best friends. My girlfriends and I Race Like A Girl team are the ones that burn the fire in me to get out there to swim, bike and run. The pandemic has cancel races or go virtual which we crave to do. But it is how we move forward and keep training that keeps us sane. When we swim, bike or run, we provide support therapy to keep moving forward. So this post is dedicated to Eve, Diane, Becky, Kim, Colleen, Sarah, Brenda, Carolyn, Gene and I Race Like A Girl team. I know all of us will miss Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she fought for equality for all.

Keep Moving Forward

Last week, I had to stop running and walking for couple days because left foot was swollen. I realized my flip flops were irritating my instep because it is high. After a couple days resting it with swim and bike, I am back to Run/Walk MA Challenge. Taking care an injury sooner then latter, you will get back to your training faster. Past 3 days, I have done 13 miles with no problem.

Picture to left is one of my favorite electrical boxes painted by local artists. It reflects how this country can live together in harmony. And helping our neighbors without discrimination. We are all human beings that we should treat each other with respect. Be safe and healthy.

I Ran NH Border

Today, I decided to do my long run because we will be hit by Hurricane Laura’s remnants tomorrow. I just wanted to get this badge before the end of the month. Yes, this challenge can be daunting but it can be motivator. My weekly mileage has increased from 10 miles to 20 miles, but I do want to get it to 25 miles a week. September, I do have a Jamestown virtual Half Marathon which I am not sure I can do. My long runs now are slow 8 miles. We will see what happens next couple of weeks. The next badge is Run Vermont Border which is short 44 miles. You have to like math for this challenge which is my favorite subject. Calculate your weekly mileage, your run/walks mileage and try to vary your workouts to keep it fun. Now back to calculating, running and walking. Stay Safe

Making Strides

Thursday was a pivotal point in my running. It was the last day to run Saunders Virtual 10K which I was not looking forward to running. My running had become difficult with the heat, running slow with a lot of walking breaks and legs always felt sore. I decided to run the same course as I did for the Run For It 10K and try to beat that time. First mile was slow and only walked 1 min then each subsequent mile was faster with no walking breaks. I beat the time by 47 seconds. But I had to do a long run of 8-9 miles on Saturday. I started nervous and slow but eventually found my running rhythm. I walked a couple times to make sure I got GU blocks and fuel in me. These runs have given me the mental strength to improve my running. One coach always said run within yourself. The only person you are racing against is your self. I am looking forward to the cool fall days to run and maybe get faster.

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