Mental Health

When training for big events, there several components that critical to success: strength to keep injuries minimal; flexibility to prevent overuse of muscles; build endurance to to sustain energy throughout the event; nutrition to sustain energy; mental strength. Training can be stressful by getting workouts in between work and family and keeping everyone happy. ButContinue reading “Mental Health”

Decisions We Make

Today’s decisions we make can affect your life, health and future. 2 weeks ago, I ended in Emergency Room with high fever and right kidney not happy. It started on the morning of Friday July 9th before the Dam Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. All athletes think we will be better in time for our eventContinue reading “Decisions We Make”

Different Directions

Some days, our minds and bodies want to go different direction. As I deal with the hyperthyroid side effects, they don’t want to work with my training schedule. Right now I am build phase of training for Olympic distance triathlon which is about 8-10 hours for 2 weeks then 1 week low training of 6Continue reading “Different Directions”

Beware of Misinformation

The internet is full of information especially with health and medical but some can be bad. Unfortunately, I fell for it! I was looking for a good multivitamin to take. I stick to the strict diet but still lack key nutrients for my body. I take many different vitamins because celiac has reduce my nutrientsContinue reading “Beware of Misinformation”

It Is That Time of the Year

Now the weather is warm, we can bike and run outside without masks if vaccinated. And there are more cars on the road. So here are a few ways to stay safe when running on the road: wear bright clothes; run against traffic; if wearing head set keep the volume down to listen to natureContinue reading “It Is That Time of the Year”

That One Nagging Thing

So many runners and triathletes don’t make time or forget to stretch. It so simple but the focus is on the training. I started to put it in my athletes training schedule. Then there is the question I get from athletes and friends: how do I stretch the muscle that is hurting? I always shakeContinue reading “That One Nagging Thing”