Happy Thanksgiving

This is a time when we start saying thanks for many things though out the year and start new traditions. This Thanksgiving, I could not be with family because my family situation has change. Today, I ran the Maudslay Turkey Trot with my runners/triathletes and 1500+ friends. I had fun even though we had toContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

Base Training is Critical

First you should have a good Base to your workouts. This is where you create repetition and go slow. That’s right your workouts should fell effortless which means go slow. Use your heart rate monitor and Perceive Exertion. Schedule your workouts that you know you can create a habit. Holidays can interrupt your training butContinue reading “Base Training is Critical”

How to approach training to be successful

Last week, I recieved Mark Allen’s newsletter and Loren Fogleman LinkedIn email which they discuss on a successful approach to training and racing. You can read Loren’s “5 Habits of World Class Athletes” at: http://expertsportsperformance.com/5-habits-world-class-athletes/?goback=%2Egde_54496_member_5808530097707180033#ixzz2l5fGTH9z. Loren’s 5 Habits: 1. Feedback; 2. Repetition; 3. Approach; 4. Motivation; 5. Effort. You can read Mark’s “How to GainContinue reading “How to approach training to be successful”

What’s Up for 2014?

It is that time again to start thinking about next year’s goals and races. Last November 1st, I talked about planning 2013 and creating your own training plan. Pick races that are space apart that allows full recovery. I know many runners race every weekend but they keep getting injured. Prioritize each race. Have onlyContinue reading “What’s Up for 2014?”

Training to beating your time

This year’s training for the 15 mile trail was being patient. Most runners and triathletes want to improve their times with a few key workouts but that is not smart. I got a good base of running with building long runs to 10 miles being easy. Cross train with the bike and swim to reduceContinue reading “Training to beating your time”

Reaching my goal then some…

A couple weeks ago, I ran the Ghost Train 15 mile trail race in Milford, NH. The race is low key and has great support. I ran this race last year with a friend. A couple more running friends joined me this year. This year, my goal was to break 3 hours. At the halfContinue reading “Reaching my goal then some…”

Plantar Fasciitis

Many of my running friends and couple clients are plagued with Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament that supports the arch. This is very common with high arch or flat feet, running with worn out running shoes or the insert is not supporting the arch correctly. High heels can make itContinue reading “Plantar Fasciitis”

My Summer and Goals

Summer was great for training in all 3: swim/bike/run. Did a lot more swimming and biking than in previous years. This year, my swimming has improved in efficiency, form and endurance. next year, I would love to do a Half Ironman but I am cautious with all the life’s interruptions. I hear this many timesContinue reading “My Summer and Goals”

Staying Hydrated

Living in the northeast and 6 miles from the ocean, it would be a great training place during the summer. Not really, we are in our 3rd heat wave of over 90 degrees. As an athlete the toughest part is to stay hydrated. I have been working on my hydration throughout the day and especiallyContinue reading “Staying Hydrated”

Lake Placid Ironman

Terry and Kathy at the finish of Lake Placid Ironman 7/28/2013 Sunday was very inspiring for all, as I watched 4 triathletes I have trained complete Lake Placid Ironman. Since 3 of them couldn’t swim 3 years ago which I taught them how to swim. It makes me proud of each one in a specialContinue reading “Lake Placid Ironman”