I Don’t Want To Grow Up

Some days, I feel like I never want to stop swimming, biking and running! But when you hit 65-70, suddenly your body doesn’t want to train as you did 10-20 years earlier. It is a rude wake up call. Getting injured is no fun for any athlete. Right now I’m injured but mentally I’m notContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”

Beware it is Spring!

As the weather gets nice. drivers beware of runners, cyclists and walkers on the road. I think the picture above says it all. Give them 3 feet to pass. Now cyclists, runners and walkers beware what you wear and be courteous to others. Cyclists, runners and walkers dress to be seen in bright colors. ReflectorContinue reading “Beware it is Spring!”

We All Love Our Sport!

On Monday, Boston Marathon will be back to the usual day and time. It will also be celebrating 50 years women running the race legally. That race proved women can do endurance events without harming their bodies. In June of that year, Title IX law was created to prevent sex discrimination including in sports, whichContinue reading “We All Love Our Sport!”

Strong Women

We are all surrounded by strong women! Since this is Women History Month, I want to talk about a few women around me that show their strength everyday. Carolyn is a pediatrician, a writer of book and short stories publish, a mother and a foster mom to 2 girls and is a triathlete. She wroteContinue reading “Strong Women”

Listen to Your Body

I hear this many times, “I cannot take a break from training, I’ll lose all my fitness.” Athletes get OCD with their training that make their family crazy when they miss training from an injury. Actually, you do more harm and damage to your body when you keep training injured. Some athletes had to takeContinue reading “Listen to Your Body”

To Do It or Not To?

Some athletes believe the sport they to do is the best one and don’t need to do any other. Me, I believe cross training makes you stronger and better for that single focus sport. Many coaches agree! When I swim, bike, run, strength train and do yoga, I feel better and stronger. But it alsoContinue reading “To Do It or Not To?”

That Nagging Injury

Many athletes get injury that keeps coming back. Runners and triathletes are notorious for this, then try to fix or remedy it themselves. Mine is the left gluteal Medius. I have done physical therapy, see chiropractor every couple weeks. This happens when I do a lot of running the road because of the camber ofContinue reading “That Nagging Injury”

Don’t Give Up The Ship

When you first start running or any sport, it is tough. Especially after not exercising for a while. Start slow and just focus on your endurance, your perceive exertion and breathing. I have one runner decided to run a half marathon in April. But she hasn’t run in a few years. Every time she goesContinue reading “Don’t Give Up The Ship”

Our Amazing Bodies

Our bodies are technical engineering marvels. It is how we treat and feed our bodies to create the outcome, wither it is positive or negative. It is also how amazing the body’s muscles, tendons, joints and bones are connected. When one joint or muscle is injured or feels pain, the whole body reacts. The pastContinue reading “Our Amazing Bodies”

Love Thy Self

Today is Valentines Day! Is it just for couples? First before you can love someone else, you must love yourself which my mom always said. It is very true! Stand in front of mirror and say everything positive about yourself. This can be a challenging but I want everyone to see how beautiful you are.Continue reading “Love Thy Self”