Lately, A Lot of I did it!

Last week there were a lot of firsts. Jean ran her first 5k (Yankee Homecoming Road Races (5K/10 Mile) after completing the Couch to 5K Hero. This is from her email after the race: “Thank you, Pam. I am so glad I took your class. I feel like I accomplished something”. Holy completed her firstContinue reading “Lately, A Lot of I did it!”

Big Girls Can Do It!

These girls are training for their first triathlon and lose over 100 lbs. Today was Eryn 1st competing in the Dam Triathlon (Swim .5 Mile/Bike 13 Miles/Run 3.2 MIles). She had obstacles: no wetsuit for swim which was not the problem,  but not being hydrated on the bike and feeling the heat. It did notContinue reading “Big Girls Can Do It!”

Go Harriet

On the Monday’s World’s News Tonight, the Person of the Week was Harriette. Harriette Thompson started running at the age of 76 years old. She completed her 16th marathon, Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon on Sunday May 31st. She is 2-time cancer survivor trained for marathon despite the recent loss of her husband. SheContinue reading “Go Harriet”

Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes

Last Saturday, the weather was cold but dry and windy. The workout is short bike and long run of 8-9 miles. I had no problem on the because I wore my Fuel-belt and had plenty electrolytes with me. The guys didn’t have anything with them on the run but on the bike. When they gotContinue reading “Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes”

May Newsletter & Running Boot Camp

Sorry for the delay of May newsletter but the last 3 weeks have crazy dealing with family illness. This included driving to Delaware. I am looking forward getting back to a normal schedule. A lot is happening! May newsletter is poster at: Running Boot Camp starts this Monday night. Check for details and registration form.Continue reading “May Newsletter & Running Boot Camp”

April News

April Gear Up For Fitness Newsletter has been posted. Check it out here! Exciting news for the Gear Up For Tri Team will be happening on Thursday April 9. Check back for details.

Running in the Right Direction

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”                                                              ― Martin Luther King Jr. I found my running pace has been slow and struggle like many of my runners and friends this winter. Last Saturday, IContinue reading “Running in the Right Direction”

Couch to 5K Hero

Yes spring will be coming officially it is spring.  Before we know it the snow will be gone and be warming up to run the trails. Couch to 5K Hero Starts April 15, 2015 Wednesdays: 6:00—7:00 PM 6 Weeks from walk/run to running a 5K Open to Latitude member and Non-members For more information andContinue reading “Couch to 5K Hero”

Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Results Posted

Race group picture of some of the athletes and race officials for March 7 race. Yesterday was the last race for the 5th Annual Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series. Results posted on: We had over 100 athletes participate in the series this year. 5 years ago we started with 5 athletes per race and weContinue reading “Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Results Posted”

Race #2 of the Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series

Yesterday, it turn into a perfect weather day for all the athletes participating in Race #2 of the Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series. We had over 40 triathletes with 2 triathlons participating which included Bentley college triathlon and another from New Hampshire. Results are posted at A lot of newbie triathletes love these races. As JimContinue reading “Race #2 of the Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series”