Treadmill VS Road

I have couple athletes like treadmill but most prefer the road/trails to run. Me, I am a road/trail runner. To me, treadmill environment is too control. Most runners that run treadmill do it at 0-1% incline that doesn’t relate to the real road conditions. Many fine it difficult to adjust to running outside especially duringContinue reading “Treadmill VS Road”

Almost Back To Normal

Races websites are starting to have actually race dates. Some races are happening in some states but others are waiting for the state governors to give the okay. But races won’t be the same! Some will require for you to be vaccinated or do COVID-19 tests before race day. Many are doing time trial startsContinue reading “Almost Back To Normal”

Being Cupid

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we as athletes and coaches need to respect and thanks our significant other by being cupid. My boyfriend, Mark, is so supportive of me being a coach, runner and triathlete. We see each other on the weekends but that is when most long training workouts happen. When I’m training, MarkContinue reading “Being Cupid”

The Pull Back Week

The pull back week, either triathletes/runners love it or hate it. Me I love it because I know my body needs it. But many athletes don’t understand why they need it. When athletes training for endurance events (half marathons/Olympic distance triathlon to longer distances), coaches use periodization training. Periodization training uses micro cycles of 2-3Continue reading “The Pull Back Week”

What We Learn

As a coach, we are always learning new tools, apps, techie gadgets, and new training methods. So many coaches stick what they learned in class but don’t change with the latest. We are constantly learning from the science of pro athletes; what works and doesn’t work in training for today’s athlete. And training older athletes.Continue reading “What We Learn”