What are your Goals for 2017?

What are your Goals for 2017? Do you want to Improve your performance for 2017? Do you want to improve your swim with speed, form and efficiency? Do Triathlon Swim Program – Information and registration form: triswimclinic1-10-2017.pdf Do you want to be a faster and efficient runner? Join the Pure Run Your Potential Program – Information and registrationContinue reading “What are your Goals for 2017?”

Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Hint #4

We are officially into the fourth week of training for our triathlon series. Everyone enrolled will be starting their build phase. This week, we will continue to work on form and efficiency for each sport and will add some speed workouts. This week’s training will look like this: Tuesday swim 35 minutes (warm up 200Continue reading “Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Hint #4”

Newsletter and 2017 Clinics

Jump start your fitness in January! The December Gear Up for Fitness Newsletter with lasted happenings has been posted on: https://gearupforfitness.com/newsletters/ A lot is happening in January 2017 to get you in shape and ready for triathlon and road races. Check out the https://gearupforfitness.com/upcoming-clinics/

Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Hint #3

We are officially into the third week of training for our triathlon series. Everyone enrolled will be building on their base. This week, we will focus on form and efficiency for each sport of your weakest sport (swim, bike or run). If swim is your weakest sport add another day to swim and ask yourContinue reading “Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Hint #3”

Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series – Training Hint #2

Sorry for not posting yesterday but very busy working on January classes. Indoor Triathlon Training Hint #2: Now we have started to get into the groove of training, we will build on the base. Continue training 4 days a week but we will add 5-10 minutes to each sport. This week’s training will look likeContinue reading “Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series – Training Hint #2”

Indoor Triathlon Training Hint #1

Indoor Triathlon Training Hint #1 Getting into the groove of training for first time triathletes can be scary. To get into the groove of training, you will start the first week working out 4 days. Start this week by doing 30 minutes of one sport a day, an example: Monday swim; Wednesday Bike or spin;Continue reading “Indoor Triathlon Training Hint #1”

Are We Super Women or Not

As women, we like to prove to society that we can do it all.  But at what cost does it affect us, our job and our close ones. This week I had a project at work to do presentation on heart rate and over-training. When I typed the symptoms for over-training, I realized I hadContinue reading “Are We Super Women or Not”

Dry Out, Recovery

Yesterday, we were in survival mode for the wild weather in the middle of Punkinman Half Ironman bike. Today, we are allowing everything dry out and recover. Many think recovery is just resting like sitting and sleeping. Sleep yes, sitting wrong! It replenishing the body with water and nutrients but most important part is activeContinue reading “Dry Out, Recovery”

What Inspires You!

Every endurance athlete has found someone or someway to be inspired to get through tough workouts. On Sunday, my long bike ride was getting tougher at mile 45 then thought of EJ going through 6 months of chemo for stage 4 cancer. Yesterday, Sue, battling breast cancer,  was my inspiration to push me to surgeContinue reading “What Inspires You!”