Patient With Process

Saturday’s long run help me complete Run Maine (495 miles) Virtual Challenge, which I started 9/1/2020. Today’s run I completed Run Rhode Island (140 miles) Virtual Challenge. Today’s news was the best to hear that road races and endurance events will be permitted to start May 10th in Massachusetts. I have 2 more states (CTContinue reading “Patient With Process”

Treadmill VS Road

I have couple athletes like treadmill but most prefer the road/trails to run. Me, I am a road/trail runner. To me, treadmill environment is too control. Most runners that run treadmill do it at 0-1% incline that doesn’t relate to the real road conditions. Many fine it difficult to adjust to running outside especially duringContinue reading “Treadmill VS Road”

Almost Back To Normal

Races websites are starting to have actually race dates. Some races are happening in some states but others are waiting for the state governors to give the okay. But races won’t be the same! Some will require for you to be vaccinated or do COVID-19 tests before race day. Many are doing time trial startsContinue reading “Almost Back To Normal”