Thank You Girlfriends

The picture is from our 10K run that we ran through Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Eve needed to do her virtual 10K race this week but wanted to do scenic route and hilly. Today, I was planning to do my virtual Jamestown Half Marathon. Last night, I had a bad celiac attack but slept good.Continue reading “Thank You Girlfriends”

Change of Plans

2020 is turning into the year of cancel races! But is it? Actual it isn’t because many races are turning into virtual races. That includes Boston Marathon. New virtual races/challenges are being created which includes Run MA Challenge. That is run and/or walk 645 miles which is the circumference of state of Massachusetts. I signedContinue reading “Change of Plans”

Know Your RPE

To understand your RPE and heart rate is to know what RPE represents. RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. It is critical for all athletes from Beginner Runners to veteran athletes. Many veteran athletes depend on using their heart rate monitors or Garmin watches for their training. Many times these watches don’t correlate toContinue reading “Know Your RPE”