Ground Hog Says 6 More Weeks

Mark, my boyfriend, text that Bootsie (my cat) just got up and turned around then goes back to sleep. That is what winter is like here in New England! Wake up to below zero to single digits, blizzard, and repeat. Now how do you train for Boston marathon or early spring half marathon? Be smart,Continue reading “Ground Hog Says 6 More Weeks”

Look Mom No Hands

Living in New England can be challenging in the winter to train for triathlons, road races and the Boston Marathon. Today, I woke up to 1 degree with wind chill -7 but my training schedule had a run. Luckily the gyms are open here! Now do I run on the indoor track, treadmill or elliptical?Continue reading “Look Mom No Hands”

Remember When

Before cell phones, iPods, and other ways to connect to technology, runners just ran listening to traffic and nature or talk. Yes kids this sounds old but it is good for your soul, for your brain, just your mental well being. All that technology stimulation all the time doesn’t allow the brain get a rest/resetContinue reading “Remember When”

Coming Back

It is always hard coming back from injuries to start training for road races/triathlons. But it is totally different coming back from having Covid. Recently a coach on RRCA coaches Facebook group page was asking what other coaches plans look like for their runners. Recently, one of my athletes had Omicron over Christmas. First SarahContinue reading “Coming Back”

Is The 1st Week Derailed?

It is the first week we start our 2022 goal(s) and it gets derailed. Is it really derailed? I always see it as lessons learned. Yes even coaches and trainers workouts get derailed. My Monday training was perfect; Tuesday the weather was not cooperating but did do short run; Wednesday had good Zone 2 bike;Continue reading “Is The 1st Week Derailed?”

Now Your Support

The biggest part to succeed reaching your 2022 goal(s) is your team. This can be a coach or a professional or a friend or organization/club, maybe family member. As you noticed family is last because sometimes they are the least supportive or they think you are crazy. But that can make you more determine toContinue reading “Now Your Support”

Your 2022 Goals

As you noticed, I didn’t say New Years Resolution. To me that word resolution is harsh and too firm which most people fail. Goals are easier to achieve them. Now I am going to ask a few questions to help you achieve your goals, write down the answers. I will use weight loss as anContinue reading “Your 2022 Goals”

The Frenzy

Right now most of you are trying to squeeze work, holiday preparations, training, Christmas shopping and travel to family or family visiting you. Now Covid with the variant cases rising which creates more stress of do I travel or family visit you. When is your down time for you to regroup and energize? Some peopleContinue reading “The Frenzy”

Relax A Little

Last week, I started my Base training but I also had a race. Sounds crazy but doing a holiday race can be fun. I was so happy to see my friends after a long time because of Covid and being sick this summer. It felt normal as it can be. Many dress festive which madeContinue reading “Relax A Little”

Next Year

I know many runners and triathletes have started planning and signing up for 2022 races. The emails and websites for races is like you are in a candy store because you want to do them all. But you need to pick based on your goals. Based on periodization, I wrote down my training objectives forContinue reading “Next Year”