Quality vs Quantity Workouts

When you shop for furniture, car, clothes does your decision determine to buy for quality or for quantity. You probably go for quality.

That is how you should determine your workouts especially when you are short time. This has been a crazy week with work and appointments for me. Knowing I have half marathon at the end of the month, I put running before my swim and bike. But I made sure the run workouts are quality then have swim and bike be the recover workouts. Quality run workouts: 1 workout focus on your form; 2nd workout focus on hills and leg speed (cadence); 3rd workout focus on the endurance, the long run.

When you focus on the mileage numbers (quantity)  then you lose focus on the quality, the purpose of the workout. As a triathlete, this can difficult with 3 different sports. Then ask yourself what is your ultimate goals of your races, which quality will be first.


Couch to 5K Hero Starts April 12th

Download registration form, fill it out and go to Latitude to sign up: CouchTo5KSpring2017

Successful Indoor Triathlon Series for 2017

This year, we had new faces, first timers and returning triathletes.

We want to thank the participants, volunteers and our sponsors to make the race successful.



Saturday is Last Indoor Triathlon of Series for 2017


Decisions Do I or …

As a triathlete/runner, I am always making decisions for my training and my clients. It is January, I am in my 2nd Base Phase. Today schedule called for running hills for 5-6 miles but weather this morning was 15 degrees with wind chill of 5 degrees. Already started to feel my sinuses not happy and cold can trigger a migraine. My decision was to get on the bike for 50 minute doing 3 sets of tempo (flat and hill). Sinuses thanked me for that. Okay now when will the run happen? Tomorrow after I teach Triathlon Swim early, I will do a Fartlek/Interval run for an hour on the track at work. It will be quiet because of the snow. Thursday easy short bike and run.

Living in New England, you have to be smart and flexible with your training for January and February. When my triathletes and runners switch their workouts around, I listen why. They are being smart to know their limitations and they get it done. It is not worth to get injured or sick then you start go backwards.

What do you skip in your workouts?

What do you skip during your workouts that impacts reaching your goal?

Many of you skip recovery, stretching, massage and/or Self-Myofascial Release. But these are your key ingredients to successful training from losing weight to competing in triathlons to road races.

To get everyone in the habit as part of daily workouts, I am doing a 6 week Self-Myofascial Release Program starting tomorrow at 7 pm at Latitude Sports Clubs in Salisbury.

I seen many people in the gym foam rolling but not getting the full benefit.
Each class will focus on specific part of body. Using new techniques
With Foam Roller and Balls.

We will also be doing Yin Yoga and Active Isolated Stretches.

Download registration form, fill it out and go to Latitude to sign up: self-myofascialreleasejan2017

10 Indoor Triathlon Series Hint #10

We are officially into the race week for the 1st for the triathlon series. Everyone enrolled will be in their last week of Race phase. This week’s training will look like this: Tuesday swim 30 minutes (warm up 300 yards /Swim for 500 yards at moderate pace/cool down 100 yards); Wednesday Spin Class or bike 45 minutes follow with transition run 15 minutes; Thursday Easy Swim 500y/Run 15 minute; Friday Rest Day; Saturday Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Race #1; Sunday Rest and celebrate.

Race Day Hint: Pack your bag the night before to not forget anything. Don’t forget towels and change of clothes after the race. Race morning, eat breakfast and hydrate.

If this sounds interesting to you, please enroll by filling out the registration form and sending via mail or delivering to the Latitude Sports Clubs front desk in Salisbury. Indoor Triathlon Series registration form is on: https://gearupforfitness.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/2017indoortrisbrochure.pdf