Private Sessions

One-on-one to group training for personal training, run-analysis, or open water swim

Personal Training

One-on-one private training is based on your goals: losing weight, increasing strength, improve balance or increase endurance. The sessions are an hour of functional training using bands, body weight, dumb bells and balls. The first session is go through paper work and short analysis.

  • Private Training Single Session: $50/hour
  • Private Training 8 sessions (2 x week/month): $360
  • Group training for 2: $25 each
  • Group training for 4: $15 each

Fill out registration form:
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Running Analysis Session
  • Video the runner from 3 different directions (front, back and side)
  • Analyze the video with you in real time
  • Go through corrections including drills
  • Stretches for the tightness
  • Strength exercises for weakness
  • Private sessions can be for personal training

Cost: $50 for Hour
Fill out registration form:
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PDF Format: RunAnaysisRegistrationForm

Open Water Swim

This happens in the summer in Lake Gardner.  For many triathletes, open water swimming is the hardest sport. These sessions are 39 min. Contact coach Pam for more details.

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