Sometimes You Just Have to Do It

 Gear Up Tri Team at Dam Coaches create training plans to prepare you to reach your goal. But sometimes you have your way to do it. That is a big conflict! You may not like what is scheduled by your coach for that day but you need to grit you teeth and just do it.Continue reading “Sometimes You Just Have to Do It”

Correct Form

Yesterday morning at Latitude, I was observing a member doing a Dead lift in bad form. I ask her how she learned the exercise. Her answer: she saw other members doing it. That disturbs us fitness professionals because she could have gotten hurt. First, I ask the member if she has a bad back whichContinue reading “Correct Form”

Getting Fast after 50

After taking time off (a year) from racing and serious training, I lost my speed big time. Last month, I started reading Fast After 50 by Joe Friel. The biggest thing I took away so far reading the book is pushing your body with high performance. Doing long workouts is always at a slower pace but doingContinue reading “Getting Fast after 50”

Base Period – Cadence

Most think base period you go easy and build up your distance/time. That is partly true but it should include working on your form and some speed workouts. Include cadence as a way to improve your form for biking and running. The past couple weeks, I have been running with metronome to work on my cadence. Saturday,Continue reading “Base Period – Cadence”

April News

Gear Up For Fitness April Newsletter is online at: Fill with upcoming clinics, Gear Up Triathlon Team training and races. Check it out. See you at the races Coach

Buzz Words in Fitness Industry

No matter what you are training for, the buzz words in the fitness industry are: Soften >> Lengthen >> Strengthen. First is Soften which is Self massage using foam roller and ball. Next is Lengthen is the stretching. Last is Strengthen by activating the muscles. The Self-Myofascial Release & Stretching class will cover the Soften and LengthenContinue reading “Buzz Words in Fitness Industry”

Are You Adding This to Your Training?

The buzz word with coaches today is Rest. We all have busy lives: family, work, and training. But are you adding Rest? We worry about getting those miles and time in every week but cut short our sleep. Most injuries are from over use and over training, just not listening to our bodies. Cutting workoutsContinue reading “Are You Adding This to Your Training?”

Dreams Do Come True

Less than 3 days to the close the condo on the lake. By this time next week, Bootsy (my cat) and I will be moved into the condo. A year ago, I didn’t have this vision but started end of April. On Monday morning it will become reality, I will be buying home with cash and owningContinue reading “Dreams Do Come True”

February Busy Month

The weather in the Northeast has been delightful for running and biking outside. A lot is happening in February: Check the Newsletter for the upcoming races. Check the Upcoming Clinics for February clinics. TRX Demos this week. Tonight’s demo is full but there room in the Wednesday at 5 PM. Intersted in Wednesday’s demo email PamContinue reading “February Busy Month”

New Year a New Start

2015 was a tough year to do any training or races do to selling my mother’s house and my house. Tomorrow morning, I close on my house and go debt free. Next month, I close on my new place and start a start a new life. I see the downsizing from 1800 sq ft toContinue reading “New Year a New Start”