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What is the Voice In Your Head Saying?

Yesterday, Outside magazine had an interesting article, “The Voice In Your Head Will Make You a Better Runner.” Today, so many runners run with music because of the iPods and smartphones. But when you run a race, many races don’t allow headsets because of safety issues. Triathlons don’t allow any headsets/music at anytime during or you are disqualified.

When you are running with music outside, you are missing the point of the workout. Use nature as your music, birds will sing your way through run to allow you to meditate. Disconnecting from the music/smart phone allows your brain to clear and take a break  from everyday problems to solve issues faster. But it is the self talk that pushes you through the exhaustion  So when real life is challenging, you will be stronger to deal with it in positive, not as threat. Past couple of years, I had many life challenges but I got through it positive attitude.

So next time you run remove yourself from the music to contemplate your life challenges.


What is Your Special Place

Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes have special place that they can go to unwind. Last year, when I moved to live on Lake Gardner, I realized I was steps away from running on trails at Woodsom Farm. Today, I just couldn’t do the bike on the trainer but be running outside on this lovely spring day.  When I run to the top of Whittier Hill, I feel I am in the Sound of Music with the views. The pictures below are the views from the top of that hill.

 Woodsom Farm Lake Gardner and Powwow Hill

 A place to sit to contemplate or meditate

I am looking forward in a few weeks when the flowers and leaves on the trees.

Let me know what your special place you like to go to contemplate or Zen or meditate.

Base Period – Cadence

Most think base period you go easy and build up your distance/time. That is partly true but it should include working on your form and some speed workouts. Include cadence as a way to improve your form for biking and running. The past couple weeks, I have been running with metronome to work on my cadence. Saturday, I ran the April Fools 4 mile race which proved fruitful working on the cadence. My leg turnover felt good and pace improve by 80 seconds. So don’t forget your form and cadence on your next run/bike workout.

Lately, A Lot of I did it!

Last week there were a lot of firsts. Jean ran her first 5k (Yankee Homecoming Road Races (5K/10 Mile) after completing the Couch to 5K Hero. This is from her email after the race: “Thank you, Pam. I am so glad I took your class. I feel like I accomplished something”.

Holy completed her first triathlon on Sunday. She came in 2nd in Athena class. The course was tough with hilly bike and trail running. Holly is using the triathlon training to lose a 100 pounds. This morning, she completed her first 1 mile open water swim. She inspire us all.

What do you want to accomplish? Or try something new? Who inspires you?

Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes

Last Saturday, the weather was cold but dry and windy. The workout is short bike and long run of 8-9 miles. I had no problem on the because I wore my Fuel-belt and had plenty electrolytes with me. The guys didn’t have anything with them on the run but on the bike. When they got back they were totally dehydrated. Told them to drink at least 40-60 oz to replenish what they lost during the run. The weather can be deceiving when it is cold. In New England, the weather we have been extremely dry the last few weeks after a wet winter.

Rule 1: When the workout is longer than hour and temperature is cool, you need to hydrate with electrolytes every 15-20 minutes. When it is hot, you need to hydrate with electrolytes throughout the whole run every 15 minutes. When it is dry and/or hot, you need drink at least 80 oz of water everyday. Powerade and Ultima Replenisher have the 4 main electrolyte minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. Many races uses Gatorade but water down during the race. Powerade has 0 calorie product. Many runners and triathletes water down these products down. Also, you can use gels and CliffBloks for your electrolytes which you wash down with water.

Rule 2: Triathlons are endurance and you need to fuel the body. This includes electrolytes and food with carbohydrates and protein. This is important with long distances with Olympic, and critical in Half Ironmans and Ironmans. During my Half Ironman last year, I set my computer to stop watch to make sure I was eating 1/4-1/2 of my LaraBars every 15 minutes. Some use PowerBars but LaraBars are gluten free for those are gluten intolerant/Celiac. Bike is time to eat and hydrate. On the run continue hydrating.

Rule 3: Use your training time to practice refueling your body. Find what works for you that you don’t have gastro issues on the day of the race.

Rule 4: Eat breakfast or snack before your race. Make sure it is carbs with protein. An example: whole wheat bread with Almond butter.

My Challenges

As I train for multiple endurance events, I will be updating my blog on my progress. It is finally spring in New England. We had been averaging 20 degrees below normal until Thursday this week. Triathlon training started this week with everyone happy for the warmer weather to get out on their bikes.

I am still in Build Training cycle for my first event: Pinelands 25K Trail Race on May 25th. This week I was a little short of training because missing 1 swim but did 8:39 of training. Most of the trainers I work with think I am crazy but for endurance junkies I am very normal.

Today, I was tired for my long run but one of my triathletes and friend help me got through it. At least the trails have no ice and wasn’t muddy. Went from winter gear to warm weather gear. My friend, Sharon told me her races she plans to do this fall: Smuttynose Half Marathon and Ghost Train Trail 15 mile. 2 more races to add to my schedule. My next big race after the 25K is Punkinman Half Ironman in September.

Next weekend, is the GAC Mother Day Run on trails. Great tune up before Pinelands 25K Trail Race and last long run.

Triathlon Training & Newsletter

With snow on the ground it is hard to think about triathlons but is that time. April showers brings May flowers and warm weather. Yes it will get warm to swim in the lake.

Go to Upcoming 2014 Clinics page to see more information and download the Triathlon Team Training brochure. New this year: Half Ironman training and Team jerseys. Check out: https://gearupforfitness.com/upcoming-clinics/

The Gear Up For Fitness April Newsletter is posted at: https://gearupforfitness.com/newsletters/