What is the Voice In Your Head Saying?

Yesterday, Outside magazine had an interesting article, “The Voice In Your Head Will Make You a Better Runner.” Today, so many runners run with music because of the iPods and smartphones. But when you run a race, many races don’t allow headsets because of safety issues. Triathlons don’t allow any headsets/music at anytime during orContinue reading “What is the Voice In Your Head Saying?”

What is Your Special Place

Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes have special place that they can go to unwind. Last year, when I moved to live on Lake Gardner, I realized I was steps away from running on trails at Woodsom Farm. Today, I just couldn’t do the bike on the trainer but be running outside on this lovely spring day.  WhenContinue reading “What is Your Special Place”

Base Period – Cadence

Most think base period you go easy and build up your distance/time. That is partly true but it should include working on your form and some speed workouts. Include cadence as a way to improve your form for biking and running. The past couple weeks, I have been running with metronome to work on my cadence. Saturday,Continue reading “Base Period – Cadence”

Lately, A Lot of I did it!

Last week there were a lot of firsts. Jean ran her first 5k (Yankee Homecoming Road Races (5K/10 Mile) after completing the Couch to 5K Hero. This is from her email after the race: “Thank you, Pam. I am so glad I took your class. I feel like I accomplished something”. Holy completed her firstContinue reading “Lately, A Lot of I did it!”

Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes

Last Saturday, the weather was cold but dry and windy. The workout is short bike and long run of 8-9 miles. I had no problem on the because I wore my Fuel-belt and had plenty electrolytes with me. The guys didn’t have anything with them on the run but on the bike. When they gotContinue reading “Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes”

My Challenges

As I train for multiple endurance events, I will be updating my blog on my progress. It is finally spring in New England. We had been averaging 20 degrees below normal until Thursday this week. Triathlon training started this week with everyone happy for the warmer weather to get out on their bikes. I amContinue reading “My Challenges”

Triathlon Training & Newsletter

With snow on the ground it is hard to think about triathlons but is that time. April showers brings May flowers and warm weather. Yes it will get warm to swim in the lake. Go to Upcoming 2014 Clinics page to see more information and download the Triathlon Team Training brochure. New this year: HalfContinue reading “Triathlon Training & Newsletter”

Redeemtion of Great Bay Half

Woke up today ready to run the hills of Great Bay Half Marathon. Locco Running puts on a great race. I ran every hill until mile 12 the semi flat part. At mile 12, I got nauseous then my asthma acted up. Did not like walking and running the last miles but I wanted to finish running.Continue reading “Redeemtion of Great Bay Half”

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Here in New England, spring has finally sprung. Boston Marathon is in 2 weeks. The weather has finally turned in a good way with some warmth. Trails still have ice which it will be 2 weeks before we can run. I cannot remember a winter that will never end, not with just snow but the extremeContinue reading “Spring Has Finally Sprung”

Winter Running Challenge!

Winter is coming early with snow and very cold temperatures across most of United States. If you dress properly and check the weather, running the winter can be enjoyable. I know some runners will say I am crazy. As I am running today, I am thinking what new runners need to know to survive theContinue reading “Winter Running Challenge!”