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What is the Voice In Your Head Saying?

Yesterday, Outside magazine had an interesting article, “The Voice In Your Head Will Make You a Better Runner.” Today, so many runners run with music because of the iPods and smartphones. But when you run a race, many races don’t allow headsets because of safety issues. Triathlons don’t allow any headsets/music at anytime during or you are disqualified.

When you are running with music outside, you are missing the point of the workout. Use nature as your music, birds will sing your way through run to allow you to meditate. Disconnecting from the music/smart phone allows your brain to clear and take a break  from everyday problems to solve issues faster. But it is the self talk that pushes you through the exhaustion  So when real life is challenging, you will be stronger to deal with it in positive, not as threat. Past couple of years, I had many life challenges but I got through it positive attitude.

So next time you run remove yourself from the music to contemplate your life challenges.


Tough Day but Good, In the Moment

Woke up this morning 4 am at  my left knee hurting. Went back to sleep but it was still hurting when I got up. I knew the usual corrupt is the IT Band. Originally I was going to do the bike club’s 46 mile but I thought that might push it. Did the Myo-flacial release with pinky ball and foam roller which leg felt better.  Email a friend that I would ride with her 30 miles but go earlier to get few more in.

The ride with Sarah was great. We stop at Smolak’s farm and great conversations. As we bike back to start, I told her I am going take a right to add miles and see her at the end. I was tired but my mind was fresh from being in the present moment. I wasn’t counting down the miles but making sure I had enough. When I got back to my car, my mind was ready for the transition run. The first tenth mile was slow but I was able to pick up the pace. Before I knew it the run was over. As Mark Allen says, “My mind went quiet.” It made the difference in my workout today.

Picture of Sarah and me at the bike club cookout:


Redeemtion of Great Bay Half

Woke up today ready to run the hills of Great Bay Half Marathon. Locco Running puts on a great race. I ran every hill until mile 12 the semi flat part. At mile 12, I got nauseous then my asthma acted up. Did not like walking and running the last miles but I wanted to finish running. It was windy and in the 40s but who knows why had bad asthma attack at the end. Maybe I ran each hill with a purpose and hard but I did not want to repeat what happen 4 years ago. We all have in our mind what we want to accomplish but the body doesn’t always want to cooperate. There is were mind of body comes in to push us through the tough times.

My favorite part of the race was the dirt road. I am so ready to run the trails at Maudslay State park but they are still treacherous with ice. Hoping in 2 weeks we will all be running trails. I see the race as good training for Pinelands 25K trail race May 25th.

Happy Thanksgiving

Latitude pardon this turkey

Latitude pardon this turkey

This is a time when we start saying thanks for many things though out the year and start new traditions. This Thanksgiving, I could not be with family because my family situation has change. Today, I ran the Maudslay Turkey Trot with my runners/triathletes and 1500+ friends. I had fun even though we had to walk a couple times do congestion on the trails. Kim R and I had a good conversation though out the run which made it go fast. I had enough energy to give a good kick up the hill to the finish. Today is not about my race time but to be in the presence of now. Soon I will head to cousins for diner. I see today as a start to my new traditions with friends, family and to all my star runners and triathletes. My gratitude is to all of them.

Keep your body and mind in balance through this holiday season.

During the holiday season, many start skipping their workouts which leads to adding weight. This season think of your workouts as a way maintaining your fitness and reducing stress. Do quality workouts. Check my blog Crunch Time on 3/1 for ideas to get the most out of your workout. When you have only 10-15 minutes to spare then meditate. Since I have been doing my meditations at 4 times a week, I am much better to handle stressful situations in a calmer state with a clearer mind.

Here are some Guided Meditations:

You can download on ITunes: Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind and Soul – Artist Deepak Chopra and Adam Plack

There are free Meditations you can download on ITunes

On Dr. OZ website, you can do Deepak Chopra guided meditation:


Keep your body and mind in balance through this holiday season.

Fall Into Running

Fall is the season of running. Many long races are happening including trail races. The season is perfect for running because of the cool days and beautiful colors. Thursday and yesterday, as I ran Maudslay I realized it can get dangerous on the trails. As the leaves fall creating a colorful carpet over the roots and rocks, you can misjudge your footing. But running trails improves your balance and increases ankle and leg strength. Also, I find trail running forces you to kick more and have the feet land under you to improve your running form. Many of my running friends like trail running because it is easier on their joints. For me, it is getting back to nature away from the stress of everyday life.

Enjoy the fall season try new adventures for your running and races including trail running.

Views from Maudslay State Park can be beautiful.