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Curve Balls in Life

I don’t know anyone that has a perfect life. There will be curve balls but it is how you react. Many know about my toxic levels of Vitamin D which is rare. First, I became advocate for my own health which you have to do today. I wanted to know why and what causing high levels.  Instead letting the Nurse Partition-er say it is okay to live that way, I wanted to see a specialist. I wanted to feel better, not feel crappy all the time. I am happy I did. My kidneys were causing it to elevate. My 1.25 kidneys has had problems processing red meats, so now it is all meats. Stopping eating them and feel better. Vitamin D at kidney level is good but the higher level is still high.  Cutting back on endurance events has made my kidneys happy too. It is how react and push forward that your life moves forward.

My glass is half full! Now if I can get faster! 

Latitude Indoor Series Hint #8

We are officially into the 8th week of training for our triathlon series. Everyone enrolled will be in their build phase. This week, we will continue building endurance for each sport and will add some speed workouts. This week’s training will look like this: Tuesday swim 35 minutes (warm up 400 yards / (4 x 100 yards build each 25y 60 to 75% effort/200 yards at 65-70% effort/4 x 50y at 70-75% effort)/cool down 100 yards); Wednesday Spin Class or bike 30-45 minutes follow with transition run 20 minutes; Friday Run (run 20 minutes/walk 1 minute/run 15 min)); Saturday swim 20 minutes continuously then Bike 30-40 minutes; Sunday Bike 20 minutes follow with transition run 20 minutes.

If this sounds interesting to you, please enroll by filling out the registration form and sending via mail or delivering to the Latitude Sports Clubs front desk in Salisbury. Indoor Triathlon Series registration form is on: https://gearupforfitness.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/2017indoortrisbrochure.pdf

Big Girls Can Do It!


These girls are training for their first triathlon and lose over 100 lbs. Today was Eryn 1st competing in the Dam Triathlon (Swim .5 Mile/Bike 13 Miles/Run 3.2 MIles). She had obstacles: no wetsuit for swim which was not the problem,  but not being hydrated on the bike and feeling the heat. It did not stop her she march on through the run. The girls’ next triathlon will be Holly’s first. They found their passion of triathlons (swim/bike/run) to help lose the weight. They will accomplish it! Find your passion to accomplish your fitness goal.

Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes

Last Saturday, the weather was cold but dry and windy. The workout is short bike and long run of 8-9 miles. I had no problem on the because I wore my Fuel-belt and had plenty electrolytes with me. The guys didn’t have anything with them on the run but on the bike. When they got back they were totally dehydrated. Told them to drink at least 40-60 oz to replenish what they lost during the run. The weather can be deceiving when it is cold. In New England, the weather we have been extremely dry the last few weeks after a wet winter.

Rule 1: When the workout is longer than hour and temperature is cool, you need to hydrate with electrolytes every 15-20 minutes. When it is hot, you need to hydrate with electrolytes throughout the whole run every 15 minutes. When it is dry and/or hot, you need drink at least 80 oz of water everyday. Powerade and Ultima Replenisher have the 4 main electrolyte minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. Many races uses Gatorade but water down during the race. Powerade has 0 calorie product. Many runners and triathletes water down these products down. Also, you can use gels and CliffBloks for your electrolytes which you wash down with water.

Rule 2: Triathlons are endurance and you need to fuel the body. This includes electrolytes and food with carbohydrates and protein. This is important with long distances with Olympic, and critical in Half Ironmans and Ironmans. During my Half Ironman last year, I set my computer to stop watch to make sure I was eating 1/4-1/2 of my LaraBars every 15 minutes. Some use PowerBars but LaraBars are gluten free for those are gluten intolerant/Celiac. Bike is time to eat and hydrate. On the run continue hydrating.

Rule 3: Use your training time to practice refueling your body. Find what works for you that you don’t have gastro issues on the day of the race.

Rule 4: Eat breakfast or snack before your race. Make sure it is carbs with protein. An example: whole wheat bread with Almond butter.

First Half Ironman

PunkinmanHalfIronman2014 Training and participating in endurance events involves nutrition, physical and mental. Many do the physical of empty miles without doing thinking about their: proper training, nutrition, or mental aspect for race day.

This past Sunday, I completed my first Half Ironman in South Berwick, ME. I finished happy because my energy was maintained throughout the 7 hours 37 minutes. Mentally I was there for each mile. Even though it got hot on the run of 82 degrees which weatherman was off by 10 degrees. I keep my cool when my camelback would not work in the transition before the bike. I did fix it knowing I would need every ounce.

Before I tell my nutrition facts, lets talk about the weather. This is New England which the weather changes in a minute and most times weather people get it wrong. The weather forecast was to be clear with starting temperature of 58 degrees for swim then go up to 72 for the run. The start was 65 degrees with the lake temperature 75 degrees. I was hoping for a refreshing swim to wake up which I was use to. Could not push beyond 60% effort in warm water. The bike got up to mid 70s which was fine but in beginning some roads still wet from the rain did make my asthma wheeze a bit. The run was in 80s with half of the course in the blazing sun.

Some facts about my nutrition: drank 20 oz before race and ate almond butter sandwich; drank 70 oz of Powerade & ate 3.5 LaraBars on the bike; Drank 40 oz of water & Powerade & chew 6 Cliffbloks during the run. Drank another 40 oz after the race. It looks like a lot water but the PowerAde and Cliffbloks had electrolytes I need for the day. Yes did do 2 stops in porta-potty but that is good sign. I put my computer screen on time to make sure I was drinking and eating every 15 minutes. I never cramped during the race but left knee hurt at mile 10 of the run. Stop and stretched then got back to running. I made sure everyone on the team trained on hills, which a couple hills were not bad.

Yes there were parts of the bike course I was by myself but I never felt a lone because of the triathletes and volunteers. The best part of the race the athletes were supporting each other which I never saw in sprint triathlons. Knowing my triathlon team family was there at the end made it sweet. All my athletes finished happy and beat their time goals and not injured.

Next year work on speed and 2 years on my 65th birthday do another half Ironman. That means it is never too late to train for your big one!

Tough Day but Good, In the Moment

Woke up this morning 4 am at  my left knee hurting. Went back to sleep but it was still hurting when I got up. I knew the usual corrupt is the IT Band. Originally I was going to do the bike club’s 46 mile but I thought that might push it. Did the Myo-flacial release with pinky ball and foam roller which leg felt better.  Email a friend that I would ride with her 30 miles but go earlier to get few more in.

The ride with Sarah was great. We stop at Smolak’s farm and great conversations. As we bike back to start, I told her I am going take a right to add miles and see her at the end. I was tired but my mind was fresh from being in the present moment. I wasn’t counting down the miles but making sure I had enough. When I got back to my car, my mind was ready for the transition run. The first tenth mile was slow but I was able to pick up the pace. Before I knew it the run was over. As Mark Allen says, “My mind went quiet.” It made the difference in my workout today.

Picture of Sarah and me at the bike club cookout:


I did it! I did it!

BrendaCelebrateHerMileDenise celebrating her 1st mile swim.
Swimming a mile in a lake may seem minor but for first time triathletes it is big. Denise’s first open water swim was scary but her persistence and hard work paid off. once she did the half mile, she wanted to swim a mile with everyone to the pole and back. The funny part of the swim is when she got to the pole, half way point. She did a dance on the little island saying, “I did it! I did it”. It was like she conquered Mount Everest. A course the funny part was the kids swimming around on the other side of the lake asked her why she jumping. Denise competes her first triathlon on July 12th. She knows she is wants to do another after that one.

Last week, I swam, bike and run 100.5 miles. I am happy this is pull back week of Build 2 because I am tired. Healthy and not injured. The focus is now on dealing with the heat, enough nutrition and hydration.