What (Body) Image Do You Want?

Last night in the running class, the girls talked about their own images. It started with one talking to her doctor about the struggles losing weight. Doctor said she will never be a skinny runner but will be healthy from all her cardio of running. I see it everyday in my job many of usContinue reading “What (Body) Image Do You Want?”

Healing and Recharging

My injury may have stop my running but it has recharge me. Why I am saying recharge? Mentally, I was drained to run another step and train for another long distance race. This is my time of the year where I like to slow down my sports (swim/bike/run) to enjoy everything around me for theContinue reading “Healing and Recharging”

Curve Balls in Life

I don’t know anyone that has a perfect life. There will be curve balls but it is how you react. Many know about my toxic levels of Vitamin D which is rare. First, I became advocate for my own health which you have to do today. I wanted to know why and what causing highContinue reading “Curve Balls in Life”

Latitude Indoor Series Hint #8

We are officially into the 8th week of training for our triathlon series. Everyone enrolled will be in their build phase. This week, we will continue building endurance for each sport and will add some speed workouts. This week’s training will look like this: Tuesday swim 35 minutes (warm up 400 yards / (4 xContinue reading “Latitude Indoor Series Hint #8”

Big Girls Can Do It!

These girls are training for their first triathlon and lose over 100 lbs. Today was Eryn 1st competing in the Dam Triathlon (Swim .5 Mile/Bike 13 Miles/Run 3.2 MIles). She had obstacles: no wetsuit for swim which was not the problem,  but not being hydrated on the bike and feeling the heat. It did notContinue reading “Big Girls Can Do It!”

Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes

Last Saturday, the weather was cold but dry and windy. The workout is short bike and long run of 8-9 miles. I had no problem on the because I wore my Fuel-belt and had plenty electrolytes with me. The guys didn’t have anything with them on the run but on the bike. When they gotContinue reading “Nutrition 101 for Runners and Triathletes”

First Half Ironman

 Training and participating in endurance events involves nutrition, physical and mental. Many do the physical of empty miles without doing thinking about their: proper training, nutrition, or mental aspect for race day. This past Sunday, I completed my first Half Ironman in South Berwick, ME. I finished happy because my energy was maintained throughout the 7 hoursContinue reading “First Half Ironman”

Tough Day but Good, In the Moment

Woke up this morning 4 am at  my left knee hurting. Went back to sleep but it was still hurting when I got up. I knew the usual corrupt is the IT Band. Originally I was going to do the bike club’s 46 mile but I thought that might push it. Did the Myo-flacial releaseContinue reading “Tough Day but Good, In the Moment”

I did it! I did it!

Denise celebrating her 1st mile swim. Swimming a mile in a lake may seem minor but for first time triathletes it is big. Denise’s first open water swim was scary but her persistence and hard work paid off. once she did the half mile, she wanted to swim a mile with everyone to the poleContinue reading “I did it! I did it!”

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Here in New England, spring has finally sprung. Boston Marathon is in 2 weeks. The weather has finally turned in a good way with some warmth. Trails still have ice which it will be 2 weeks before we can run. I cannot remember a winter that will never end, not with just snow but the extremeContinue reading “Spring Has Finally Sprung”