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Perfect Weather Perfect Race

 Yesterday, we couldn’t have asked for better weather to run Earth Rock Half Marathon.  2 missing in the picture are Brenda running Big Sur Marathon and Priscilla running her first marathon New Jersey Marathon. As we ran our races in different states at the same time, we were thinking of each other. This make these ladies amazing to train with. They support each other throughout the training for their half marathon and marathons. Now we switch our focus to triathlon training. They make training fun!

Do you have a team that train together?

May Newsletter is hot off the press and posted at: https://gearupforfitness.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/gearupfitnessnewslettermay2017.pdf

What Did I Learn Today?

Not every workout is going to be good, as I explain to Dan. I am coaching Dan to train for his first triathlon, Eagleman Half Ironman. Checking in, he said yesterday he felt tired and slow running 4 miles. So today he took as rest day, which is okay. My point not all workouts will be good. When the workout is bad and you pushed through, “Self Talk”, makes you mentally stronger for your race. Endurance races are half physical and half mental. Dan was a sprinter in high school then switch to endurance is learning new lessons everyday in his training.

So what did you learn today?

What is Your Special Place

Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes have special place that they can go to unwind. Last year, when I moved to live on Lake Gardner, I realized I was steps away from running on trails at Woodsom Farm. Today, I just couldn’t do the bike on the trainer but be running outside on this lovely spring day.  When I run to the top of Whittier Hill, I feel I am in the Sound of Music with the views. The pictures below are the views from the top of that hill.

 Woodsom Farm Lake Gardner and Powwow Hill

 A place to sit to contemplate or meditate

I am looking forward in a few weeks when the flowers and leaves on the trees.

Let me know what your special place you like to go to contemplate or Zen or meditate.


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What are your Goals for 2017?

What are your Goals for 2017?
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Are We Super Women or Not

As women, we like to prove to society that we can do it all.  But at what cost does it affect us, our job and our close ones.

This week I had a project at work to do presentation on heart rate and over-training. When I typed the symptoms for over-training, I realized I had them all. But it wasn’t from over-training but just burnout with too many things happening in my life for 2 years.

The following are symptoms for Over-training/Burnout:

  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Frequent colds/flu
  • Frequent minor bodily accidents such as sprains, cuts and bumps
  • Frequent mood shifts
  • Changes in appetite
  • Constant fatigue
  • Muscle/joint pain
  • Lymph gland swelling
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure

In 2 years: moved my mother to Delaware, sell her house which took 8 months; be available 24 hours a day to make her medical decisions; clean out my house, paint and updated house to sell, then look to find condo/house in my budget, mom died between 2 moves, paint and renovate new place including kitchen; do certification; triathlon team coaching; work 7 days a week and try to train for races

At what cost did I pay for this? Plenty! Main part, I lost touch with all my friends and what was happening in their lives. Sorry to all for being grumpy and unresponsive to your needs.  I know my races were majorly affected. This spring and summer, my races were just surviving and finishing. Doing my half Ironman in September, I did the race in my sleep until we had storm on the bike which woke me up.

I have made a couple decisions to allow me to heal and for my future which has not made everyone happy. Don’t like to hurt people but at this stage in my life it is time to enjoy. No longer working weekends but occasional which has help me get the rest I need. It is time for me to pass on the baton of triathlon team coaching after 10 years coaching and working every weekend including holidays from April to September.  I will continue doing triathlon swim, running clinics and coach, indoor triathlons, training clients and other classes at Latitude. I know I will make my doctor happy in December at my physical. I am looking forward to the future, spending time with family and friends;  have fun racing again, and experiencing new adventures.

If you have any of the over-training/burnout symptoms as mention above, stop, think how you are affecting everyone around you and your training/races. Life is too short and we all not Super Humans.

Kick at the End and Improve Leg Speed

I am always asked how to do negative splits in road race or/and create more spin (cadence) of legs. Most of our runs are done at conversation pace especially long run. What I like to do at then end of long, around 2-3 miles from end, pick up the pace. This can be at goal race pace you want for your next race. This teaches the body to do negative splits and improves your leg spin/cadence. Another way to improve leg speed is running down hills fast. Many put breaks on for down hill running which can put more stress on the knees. Relax the upper body and lean a little for the heel, just let it go. This forces the legs to spin more.

The blog will be going through changes in the next week or 2, which all good. Now that my personal life is calmer, I will be posting more blogs.

Happy running,
Pam, RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach