My Running Music for Today’s Run

When I run on the roads and trails, my music is my mind. The past couple of weeks news,  made all our heads spin with many emotions. But today’s run, I couldn’t stop thinking about the senseless Las Vegas shooting. My warm-up typically I run down hill checking out calmness of the lake and fall foliageContinue reading “My Running Music for Today’s Run”

Perfect Weather Perfect Race

 Yesterday, we couldn’t have asked for better weather to run Earth Rock Half Marathon.  2 missing in the picture are Brenda running Big Sur Marathon and Priscilla running her first marathon New Jersey Marathon. As we ran our races in different states at the same time, we were thinking of each other. This make these ladies amazingContinue reading “Perfect Weather Perfect Race”

What Did I Learn Today?

Not every workout is going to be good, as I explain to Dan. I am coaching Dan to train for his first triathlon, Eagleman Half Ironman. Checking in, he said yesterday he felt tired and slow running 4 miles. So today he took as rest day, which is okay. My point not all workouts will beContinue reading “What Did I Learn Today?”

What is Your Special Place

Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes have special place that they can go to unwind. Last year, when I moved to live on Lake Gardner, I realized I was steps away from running on trails at Woodsom Farm. Today, I just couldn’t do the bike on the trainer but be running outside on this lovely spring day.  WhenContinue reading “What is Your Special Place”

What are your Goals for 2017?

What are your Goals for 2017? Do you want to Improve your performance for 2017? Do you want to improve your swim with speed, form and efficiency? Do Triathlon Swim Program – Information and registration form: triswimclinic1-10-2017.pdf Do you want to be a faster and efficient runner? Join the Pure Run Your Potential Program – Information and registrationContinue reading “What are your Goals for 2017?”

Are We Super Women or Not

As women, we like to prove to society that we can do it all.  But at what cost does it affect us, our job and our close ones. This week I had a project at work to do presentation on heart rate and over-training. When I typed the symptoms for over-training, I realized I hadContinue reading “Are We Super Women or Not”

Kick at the End and Improve Leg Speed

I am always asked how to do negative splits in road race or/and create more spin (cadence) of legs. Most of our runs are done at conversation pace especially long run. What I like to do at then end of long, around 2-3 miles from end, pick up the pace. This can be at goalContinue reading “Kick at the End and Improve Leg Speed”

New Year, New You

I started my 2016 on the right running/triathlon foot. I have started setting goals by selecting races. Picked my big A races, Punkinman Half Ironman and maybe an Ultra 50K, then work backwards picking other races that allow enough recovery and training time between them. Some of these race will be test B races and someContinue reading “New Year, New You”

Go Harriet

On the Monday’s World’s News Tonight, the Person of the Week was Harriette. Harriette Thompson started running at the age of 76 years old. She completed her 16th marathon, Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon on Sunday May 31st. She is 2-time cancer survivor trained for marathon despite the recent loss of her husband. SheContinue reading “Go Harriet”