May Newsletter & Running Boot Camp

Sorry for the delay of May newsletter but the last 3 weeks have crazy dealing with family illness. This included driving to Delaware. I am looking forward getting back to a normal schedule. A lot is happening! May newsletter is poster at: Running Boot Camp starts this Monday night. Check for details and registration form.Continue reading “May Newsletter & Running Boot Camp”

Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Results Posted

Race group picture of some of the athletes and race officials for March 7 race. Yesterday was the last race for the 5th Annual Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series. Results posted on: We had over 100 athletes participate in the series this year. 5 years ago we started with 5 athletes per race and weContinue reading “Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Results Posted”

Meditate to reach your goals

“We are at the most powerful when you are in the moment.” -Siri Lindley (Coached Miranda Cafrae 3 x Ironman World Champion) Siri is so right on this. When it comes to long distance events, it becomes a mental. You can do all the training but if you are not in the right place mentallyContinue reading “Meditate to reach your goals”

The New Year, The New You

I track my workouts in a spreadsheet which make me a little crazy with numbers but here are my totals for 2014: Swam 68 miles Bike 1820 miles (this includes spin and bike on trainer) Run 938 miles Now it is time to look forward for 2015. You can look at 2014 races at what youContinue reading “The New Year, The New You”

Recovery and Well-Being

Sunday, I had an interesting talk on phone with one my triathletes. I had a revelation on what I did this year that it kinda blew my mind at 63: 4/6 Great Bay Half Marathon 5/25 Pineland 25K Trail Race 7/29 Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler 8/16 Blazzing Saddles Metric Century 9/7 Punkinman Half Ironman 10/18 TARC FallContinue reading “Recovery and Well-Being”

First Half Ironman

 Training and participating in endurance events involves nutrition, physical and mental. Many do the physical of empty miles without doing thinking about their: proper training, nutrition, or mental aspect for race day. This past Sunday, I completed my first Half Ironman in South Berwick, ME. I finished happy because my energy was maintained throughout the 7 hoursContinue reading “First Half Ironman”