My Summer and Goals

Summer was great for training in all 3: swim/bike/run. Did a lot more swimming and biking than in previous years. This year, my swimming has improved in efficiency, form and endurance. next year, I would love to do a Half Ironman but I am cautious with all the life’s interruptions. I hear this many timesContinue reading “My Summer and Goals”

Staying Hydrated

Living in the northeast and 6 miles from the ocean, it would be a great training place during the summer. Not really, we are in our 3rd heat wave of over 90 degrees. As an athlete the toughest part is to stay hydrated. I have been working on my hydration throughout the day and especiallyContinue reading “Staying Hydrated”

Lake Placid Ironman

Terry and Kathy at the finish of Lake Placid Ironman 7/28/2013 Sunday was very inspiring for all, as I watched 4 triathletes I have trained complete Lake Placid Ironman. Since 3 of them couldn’t swim 3 years ago which I taught them how to swim. It makes me proud of each one in a specialContinue reading “Lake Placid Ironman”

Summer Running

Itis July 4th and it is 96 degrees. Summer is here for a while. Many stop running because it is too hot but there are ways to make it easier. This came across the USA Triathlon LinkedIn from Ashley Clifford, professional triathlete, sharing her top five summer running tips and tricks. 1. Chill Out! Life can beContinue reading “Summer Running”

Daunting Open Water Swim

There are many newbie triathletes find open water swimming daunting and scary. As a coach, I try find ways to have them overcome the fear. Some are faster than others swimming the distance in the open water. I had one girl just panic when just thinking about it. She tried multiple times. Thursday, I realizedContinue reading “Daunting Open Water Swim”

What Makes you Happy?

As I have been making my life simpler, I feel happier with the littlest things. Try to do my meditation at least 5-6 days a week for 10-15 minutes in the morning. This morning I did my usual meditation for vitality.  Then, I went for run in the town where I live with a newContinue reading “What Makes you Happy?”


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Celiac versus Non-celiac

Gluten is a protein molecule with a unique found in wheat, barley and rye. One in 130 people have celiac or gluten intolerance (non-celiac). When the doctor told me I have celiac, I educated myself. Luckily, today there are more gluten free products in grocery stores but eating out can be tricky. Some restaurants sayContinue reading “Celiac versus Non-celiac”

Upcoming Clinics

Be ready for your 2013 races with these clinics: Running Boot Camp  This program is for Runners, Triathletes or anyone wanting to improve endurance and performance. Mondays:  6:00 – 7:00 PM Start Date: April 29, 2013 Duration: 8 Weeks Members $96 Non-members: $116 Workouts are outside and will include speed workouts. This is open members andContinue reading “Upcoming Clinics”