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What Did I Learn Today?

Not every workout is going to be good, as I explain to Dan. I am coaching Dan to train for his first triathlon, Eagleman Half Ironman. Checking in, he said yesterday he felt tired and slow running 4 miles. So today he took as rest day, which is okay. My point not all workouts will be good. When the workout is bad and you pushed through, “Self Talk”, makes you mentally stronger for your race. Endurance races are half physical and half mental. Dan was a sprinter in high school then switch to endurance is learning new lessons everyday in his training.

So what did you learn today?

Be Smart on the Bike

Spring is here in New England with warmer weather coming which more people biking. Safety should be on the mind of all cyclists and everyone on the road.

A friend and I are having this argument: he doesn’t believe in bike helmets and likes to listen to music with his iPod. He lives in New Hampshire which has a motto: “Live Free or Die”. Yup New Hampshire does not have a law that requires cyclists/motorcyclist to wear helmets.

I believe in safety 1st! That includes wearing helmet, not listening to music and signaling  not just for other cyclists but also drivers of cars and trucks. Yes he is a rebel singing to his own tune but he won’t be doing it with me or my cycle friends. Being smart on the bike includes respecting your environment, cars, runners, walkers, cyclists and others but you will also live longer. We all need to Share the Road!


What Inspires You!

Every endurance athlete has found someone or someway to be inspired to get through tough workouts. On Sunday, my long bike ride was getting tougher at mile 45 then thought of EJ going through 6 months of chemo for stage 4 cancer. Yesterday, Sue, battling breast cancer,  was my inspiration to push me to surge on the last hill for the tempo run. I know on race day I will be thinking of EJ and Sue.

Who or What inspires you for those tough days?

Kick at the End and Improve Leg Speed

I am always asked how to do negative splits in road race or/and create more spin (cadence) of legs. Most of our runs are done at conversation pace especially long run. What I like to do at then end of long, around 2-3 miles from end, pick up the pace. This can be at goal race pace you want for your next race. This teaches the body to do negative splits and improves your leg spin/cadence. Another way to improve leg speed is running down hills fast. Many put breaks on for down hill running which can put more stress on the knees. Relax the upper body and lean a little for the heel, just let it go. This forces the legs to spin more.

The blog will be going through changes in the next week or 2, which all good. Now that my personal life is calmer, I will be posting more blogs.

Happy running,
Pam, RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach

Are You Adding This to Your Training?

The buzz word with coaches today is Rest. We all have busy lives: family, work, and training. But are you adding Rest? We worry about getting those miles and time in every week but cut short our sleep. Most injuries are from over use and over training, just not listening to our bodies. Cutting workouts back every 3rd or 4th week and workout 6 days a week instead 7, actually improves your race outcome. Last year, Holly would push hard every workout and never take a rest day. She constantly had colds, got inured and she was disappointed with her race results. This year, she listen to me and does a rest day every week. Her races times have improve. If you are tired all the time and keep getting sick, rest!

The voice of Ironman, Mike Reilly at Tri-Mania Boston: “You are an Ironman”


Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Race 2 Results

Yesterday’s weather was perfect for Latitude Indoor Triathlon Series Race #2.
Results are posted: https://gearupforfitness.com/2016-indoor-triathlons/

Last race in the series is in 2 week. You can still register, registration form is: 2016IndoorTrisBrochure

Here are some pictures at the race of couple triathletes from one my swim classes: 2016IndoorTri-2-20-3 2016IndoorTri-2-20-4 2016IndoorTri-2-20-1 2016IndoorTri-2-20-2

New Month, New Year

Just posted December Newsletter and the clinics that start December 21st and week of January 5.

I know I have not posted in a while but busy selling my house which I close December 18th. My goal for this year is to go debt free and downsize. I am keeping my fingers cross that I get this condo on a lake I love to swim in the summer. This is an exciting time for me but has been stressful. My meditations and workouts keep me calm. This year, I did only couple races because of selling my house and my moms. But I know 2016, I will start a new chapter in my life that will be fun and exciting. Look forward to celebrating my 65th birthday racing 2 half Ironmans. And I don’t feel a day over 50.

What are you doing to celebrate your birthday in 2016?