What is Age?

Does age define who we are and what can do or not do? Today, we hear about how older workers are being discriminated. Some feel when you reach the age of 60 years old that you have nothing to give and physically not able to do much. Let me tell you about 3 women runningContinue reading “What is Age?”

5th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series

Latitude Sports Clubs presents 5th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series Are you ready to Test Your Endurance and see you are ready for 2015 races? Save these dates for the following Saturdays: January 24, 2015 February 21, 2015 March 7, 2015 For more information and registration form go to: https://gearupforfitness.com/2014-indoor-triathlons/ Soon we will have the videosContinue reading “5th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series”

First Half Ironman

¬†Training and participating in¬†endurance events involves nutrition, physical and mental. Many do the physical of empty miles without doing thinking about their: proper training,¬†nutrition, or mental aspect for race day. This past Sunday, I completed my first Half Ironman in South Berwick, ME. I finished happy because my energy was maintained throughout the 7 hoursContinue reading “First Half Ironman”

Winter Running Challenge!

Winter is coming early with snow and very cold temperatures across most of United States. If you dress properly and check the weather, running the winter can be enjoyable. I know some runners will say I am crazy. As I am running today, I am thinking what new runners need to know to survive theContinue reading “Winter Running Challenge!”