Triathlon Plans

Personalized coaching is great way to train for races from Sprint to Ironman. Coach Pam works your current fitness to create a safe plan to obtain your goals. Your daily workouts will appear in Final Surge app on your iPhone/Android. This app is free to you. The other important part to your training is communication in reaching your goals, which you can text, email or call coach Pam.

Download the registration form, fill it out, email or mail or schedule a time to meet with Coach Pam.

Personalized Triathlon Coaching Plan
  • A periodization training plan, which is based on the triathlete goals to go from base period to peak on race day.
  • Weekly Online Training Program,which includes daily workouts for all 3 disciplines plus strength training and rest/recovery days.
  • Workouts to focus on speed and form for all 3 disciplines.
  • Heart rate zones for each workout, calculated on track doing Lactate Threshold field tests or age and resting heart rate.
  • Nutrition information
  • Triathletes have unlimited email and text access for support or questions. Communication is important to triathlete’s success on race day.

Cost: $100 per month
With minimum sign up: 
    – Sprint/Olympic 3 months
    – Half Ironman/Ironman 6 Months
Fill out registration form:
MS Word Format:
PDF Format: TriathlonRegistrationForm

Private Sessions or Running Analysis Session
  • Video the runner from 3 different directions (front, back and side)
  • Analyze the video with you in real time
  • Go through corrections including drills
  • Stretches for the tightness
  • Strength exercises for weakness
  • Private sessions can be for personal training

Cost: $50 for Hour
Fill out registration form:
MS Word Format: RunAnaysisRegistrationForm
PDF Format: RunAnaysisRegistrationForm

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