The following videos contain information and exercises for triathletes, runners and clients.

Stretching is key to recovery for runners and triathletes. The following video are these stretches that will help your recovery:

The following video is strength exercises using a band: 1. row and and squat 2. Row and side lunges alternating sides 3. Tricep kickback 4. Bicep curl 5. Front crawl pull 6. High row. Band tension determines the resistance and dumbbell weight 2-3 sets/12 reps a set. Remember to engage abs all the time

Band Strength Exercises

The next video is core strength exercises using Medicine Ball (MB) or Dumb Bell (DB): 1. MB/DB Ab/Core Rotation 2. MB/DB Ab V Crunch 3. Running Dead Bug and Back Dead Bug 4. Side Plank (2 versions) 5. MB/DB Medicine Ball (2 versions) 6. Glute Bridge (2 versions):

Below, this video is leg exercises using body weight with Medicine Ball (MB) or Dumb bell (DB): 1. MB/DB Squats 2. MB/DB Reverse Lunge with Twist 3. MB/DB Side Lunge 4. Bands Monster Walk:

Below are core exercises: 1. Disk or Frisbee Ab Scoop 2. Disk or Frisbee Side Ab Scoop 3. Superman without and with pillow under abs and hips 4. Swimmer 5. Quadruped (keep back flat and don’t shift hip when lifting leg) 6. MB or DB Ab Squeeze:

Simple stretches for biking on the trainer or working at your desk. These stretches help your back and neck.

Video below shows the best way to use the foam roller for IT-Band and glutes. and calves, stretching Piriformis:

Next 2 videos have stretches for your back, neck, shoulders issues form working on the computer:

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